Are you ready to turn your water into vodka? Palcohol, a new product from Lipsmark, recently announced the news on its website that their powdered alcohol was approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, part of the U.S. Treasury Department.

What is Palcohol anyway? Palcohol is a new powdered alcohol product that allows consumers to mix alcohol powder with liquid to create a cocktail. Well, let’s drink to that! However, critics fear the potential abuse of Palcohol when used improperly.

Though Palcohol Powdered Alcohol is not yet on the market, there are four varieties that were approved to use either powder from distilled vodka or distilled Puerto Rican rum. Powdered drinks include a cosmopolitan, mojito and a “Powderita” [Palcohol’s version of a Margarita], while the lemon drop variety has yet to be approved.


Powdered Alcohol Palcohol has been approved by the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

According to the company, one Palcohol packet has the same alcohol content as a mixed drink. It’s 80 calories per bag, but some are sweetened. You stir one packet to six ounces of liquid then dissolve. To dissolve, it takes a minute of constant stirring, so it wouldn’t be easy to spike someone’s drink without them knowing. It was a dream come true for people who love the outdoors but don’t want to travel with heavy alcohol containers.

Last year, concerns were raised about people abusing (snorting) the product and smuggling it into areas where alcohol is not allowed. Phillips said, “Our concern is to promote the responsible and legal use of the product“.

The company expects Palcohol to be available to consumers by summer, and to be sold anywhere liquor is available in the U.S., abroad and online for people of a legal drinking age. Several states however want to prohibit the sale of Palcohol, including Alaska, Louisiana, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia.

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