Noontime TV host of Eat Bulaga Paolo Ballesteros was nearly caught by the melancholic shadow of death when he suffered a mini-stroke due to a transient ischemic attack. To keep his numerous fans and supporters updated of his real condition, he even tried his very best to make some selfies in order to avoid those senseless speculations about his slightly alarming state of health. Currently, he is confined at the Marikina Valley Medical Center. Luckily, this dreaded and mysterious malady did not progress which could have cost the precious life of the talented mainstay of Eat Bulaga.

Former model and now TV host Paolo Ballesteros was downed by mini-stroke, according to medical doctors.

Former model and now TV host Paolo Ballesteros was downed by mini-stroke, according to medical doctors.

In all sincerity, he thanked God and all those people who have prayed for him to have a new lease of life. Nevertheless, his blood pressure had gone up to almost 200. According to medical experts, a mini stroke commonly happens for just a few minutes and will not cause any permanent damage to the victim regardless of gender and age. The succeeding paragraphs will make you somewhat familiar with Paolo Ballesteros in brief.

He is Paolo Elito M. Ballesteros IV in real life, who was born on November 29, 1982 in Cabanatuan City. Paolo is a male model who graduated from the Saint Louis University, with a degree in AB Communications Proudly, he is a decent of Fernando Amorsolo. Did you know that has a daughter from a previous romantic involvement with Kaye Nevada? Due to his admirable prowess in modelling, he became the Image Youth Model of thw Philippine National Red Cross.

As a host, his new world and endeavor all began when he joined Derek Ramsay and Phoemela Barranda as a segment host of Eat Bulaga’s U- Bet. When the segment ended, he was immediately absorbed by the Philippines’ No.1 noontime show. From then on, his life was never the same again. Unbelievably, Paolo Ballesteros had gone a long, long way.

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