TV host and TV5 news anchor Paolo Bediones wants to put an end to what he calls as a blackmail, with respect to the prohibited proliferation of his alleged sex videos. According to news reports, Bediones has brought his laptop to a computer technician to be fixed. All the while, he thought that everything was fine, not until he received text messages from an anonymous sender who told him to settle the issue with some sort of a huge sum of money. As a result, he sought the help the Philippine National Police and its Cybercrime Division to swiftly apprehend the perpetrator of the crime.

Paolo Bediones sought the help of the PNP Cybercrime Division over his alleged sex videos.

Paolo Bediones sought the help of the PNP Cybercrime Division over his alleged sex videos.

In one of the text messages of the suspects, it said.

I have copies of your sex videos. If you do not want to let the public know about all of these, just give me a call. I will wait for it. Do not delay. I am a very impatient person.

Despite of the viral video sex scandal, Paolo Bediones lives a normal life. He thanked his family and friends for the overwhelming support and love that he is receiving right now. Best of all he still has a job to focus on. Paolo on the other hand, never denied nor confirmed about the details of the sex scandal which was recorded on video. Although it is going to be a big blow on his image, he is still maintaining the much needed composure to positively deal with the predicament that he is into right now. He is one man to be admired of because he seldom speaks about his darkest secrets.

Let this article share with you a fact about this guy who accidentally got into the world of broadcast media. Paolo Bediones has revealed that he is afflicted with a skin disease termed as psoriasis. He said that he has nothing to be ashamed of about this non contagious ailment.

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