Papemelroti, is a world-renowned and a colossal brand name of paper items and other cute novelties which are beautifully-crafted out of recycled materials. Uniquely, its intriguing business name Papemelroti is an acronym of the first syllable of those five angelic names namely, Patsy, Peggy, Melody, Robert and Tina. Those are the goal-driven individuals who had been instrumental in transforming this paper business into an empire. This specialty shop was momentously established on October 13, 1967.

Different product lines of Papemelroti.

Different product lines of Papemelroti.

These business inclined special creations of God are the children of Benny and Korit Alejandro. Historically, this venture of theirs all started along the busy street of Tomas Morato Avenue, in Manila, Philippines. Just like any business, the meritorious success of Papemelroti had colourfully begun as a hobby of their beloved mother by initially making the most awesome stuffed toys in the world. Likewise, there were also dolls and cute dresses for her little girls who had literally gone crazy over the latest fad of toys for female toddlers and kids who were so much fascinated with creative modernity in those years. Prior to the making of stuffed toys, the matriarch of Papemelroti had sewed some princess –like dresses for her well-loved daughters. The remarkable and high-quality materials which were wisely employed by Korit in making them were out of simple scraps of clothes and the likes. On the other hand, her very supportive husband was very much engrossed with wood working. Therefore, he took charge in making those castle-inspired playhouses out of wooden crates. During those early years, these merchandises were exclusively made for their lovable and talented kids. Over the years, these children were already making their own stuffs through the use of other indigenous materials that they could possibly find all around their well-endowed environment. In this respect, their honed creativities paved the way for the most captivating creations of paper dolls and dollhouses with meaningful clippings from diverse catalogues.

From there, the famous family business had become a household name for almost decades now. This was made possible through their undying support and cooperation with one another. Unbelievably, at their very young age some of these children had laboriously helped in painting their cute and byproducts such as those impressive figurines, the intricate hammering of their versatile and sturdy wood materials which will be flawlessly crafted into plaques that will provide shimmering distinctions of antiquated reflections. As the business grew like a budding cherry blossom, Papemelroti had thought of opening another branch in Ali Mall in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. Currently, Papemelroti has amazingly evolved into a chain of gift shops which has caringly touched the hearts of many, especially the less-privileged. Design wise, the unique conceptual frameworks of their fabulous and expressive product ornaments had flawlessly emanated from the wisdom and unquestionable brilliance of these five lucky siblings who have done so much for their family pursuit to strongly sustain the inevitable ups and downs of global economy ever since the Asian economic crisis happened during the late ‘90s. According to them, the captivating designs of Papemelroti products, novelties and accessories are geared towards the upliftment of the Filipino spirit by means of providing them with a sense of encouragement to foster and bring forth beauty and warmth to the simple but loving homes of the Filipinos. More than that, the mystifying ornaments of their useful and eco-friendly product lines signify or reflect the inspiring values of Filipino homes, to transcend the tepid and debilitating human spirits of all Filipinos across the globe. Included in these engendering and motivating values of human spirituality are the following: To show our unconditional love to our dearest ones, the Philippines and the kind of environment where we rightfully belong.

Financially, this business venture of the Alejandro’s was not purely a streak of good luck. In fact, from the very beginning the couple did not borrow even a single cent from any person or lending institutions in particular. Instead, Papemelroti products, novelties and accessories had religiously followed and walked the path of their motto which goes like this: Yard by yard, life is hard, inch by inch, it’s a cinch. This means to say, that the miraculous growth of their bread and butter was literally sluggish in the strictest sense of the word. But, through the amazing grace of God and their unprecedented popularity that small store of theirs was already overflowing with those items that are genuinely Philippine-made inside and out. To make their industry more fruitful and promising in the years ahead, the lady owner of Papemelroti had instinctively tried to purchase their materials from known wholesalers.

On the part of their father, he started to buy product samples from the other side of the globe such as US and Europe respectively. As years passed, the suppliers of Papemelroti products, novelties and accessories had proudly emanated from Germany, US and Austria. Usually, these fragile goods were glassware from China, the United States’ dependable clocks and sets of miniature from Austria. Hence, to make their products even more durable as compared to their competitors, the elder Alejandro had used imported tool kits and moulds to start the evolution of other interesting products, such as figurines, ceramics and the so-called decoupage which are all made from local materials.

After sometime, the world of importation had its downside. As a result, the Alejandro Family had to use their own resources to keep the business going. Consequently, they had developed and appreciated the values of hard work as well as how to be self-reliant to get what they want. Though it so hard to believe that these children did not even get anything for free even at their own store, the Alejandro children had learned so many things about money matters. There were instances that Patsy had to help in painting their Papemelroti products and eventually get paid at least Php 1.50 in just a single day. According to her, they were being treated as ordinary customers in their chain of stores. They have to buy what they need without enjoying the privileges of huge rebates.

Business Handiworks of Papemelroti

Papemelroti products, novelties and accessories have different product themes. It focuses more on the development of Christian values, environment and last but not the least, how sweet is to be a full-blooded Filipino inside and out. Now, to make their products eco-friendly, most of their high-grade materials are recycled wood and crates’ wood which are mainly used in elevators and those big car components. In addition, their furniture, desk accessories and versatile shelves are composed of those materials as well.

Product Lines of Papemelroti

The God-fearing Papemelroti Company carries extensive lines of product, which are exclusively made by Filipino hands. Their sculptors, wood workers, designers and other staff are all Pinoys who are constantly making it sure that their designs are not replicated. Also, their competent and dependable suppliers are all certified as Filipino citizens. Speaking of their product availability, it can be purchased through wholesale or retail prices. Below, are some of their best-selling products and their corresponding descriptions.

  • Decoupage-It includes the different types of stationeries, greeting cards, memos, note pads and gift wrappers. All of these gift items have unparalleled forms of originality , which are legibly printed on papers that are absolutely recyclable
  • .
  • Wood Carving- These products very well include picture frames, shelf sitters, plaques and all-in one boxes. Materially, these merchandises are all made from reused pine trees and Palo China, from crates of freights
  • .

  • Wall Decors- These Papemelroti products are especially made for your homes and offices. Mostly, these are crafted from a sophisticated type of moulding compound or the finest metals of the Philippines
  • .

Papemelroti never claims their own business success. They are only stewards of God’s everlasting love and abundant blessings for every man.


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