The endless rendezvous with those enormous scientific wonders of Mother Nature are genially captivating in the real sense of the word. It holistically speaks of the engaging and various mysteries of how God has magnificently performed the best act in maintaining a kind of an ecological balance that can never be questioned by any brilliant mind in our midst today. Let us travel and explore our imaginative minds at the ecologically-friendly Paradizoo.Look at this very intriguing conglomeration. Paradizoo. What comes first to your mind if you happen to read this extremely suggestive word? Undoubtedly, everyone should answer in unison that it is something that pertains to a huge zoo, right? Somewhere, somehow it is. But it is more than just that.

Paradizoo is a one stop zoo in Mendez, Cavite City.

Paradizoo is a one stop zoo in Mendez, Cavite City.

Surprisingly, it is also an invigorating orchard. Among its main attractions are the following: An enchanting Butterfly Garden, an inspiring and sweet Bee Garden, pompous and well- maintained organic vegetable gardens, mini zoo, goat milking stations and a fascinating Pet Columbary which is most likely similar to the sanctified and most revered Noah’s Ark during those Biblical moments in our Christian lives. Generally, Cavite City’s Paradizoo is an exhilarating tourist attraction which envisages a delightful refuge for both young and old visitors who are so much preoccupied with the demanding pressures of their respective jobs. Have you ever gone to a pond that was literally inspired by the anime motion picture, Shrek? Aside from this gratifying section of this never ending saga of fun and adventure, there is so much to expect about this enthralling place of interest. Primarily, this is a 10-hectare enclave of agro-tourism which has a Tagaytay-like climate. Amazingly, it has a cart which is carefully drawn by an Albino-looking carabao, the engrossing Greyhound show, a spellbinding fish Spa, Farm Frenzy and of let us not forget to mention about its Bird Thrill and the awesome Spa Sanctuary. In order to show that it possesses the most profound and unparalleled love and commitment to Mother Nature, it has a yearly festival like the Floral and Vegetable Fair.

The said colorful and significant exhibition runs from the 4th day of February till the 25th. As far as its highlights are concerned, these include short but extensive seminars in relation to flower arrangements, exhibits about fresh vegetable picking, animal parade and even the priceless animal auction. Hence, the main objective of these one-of a-kind festivals is to meet plant growers and dealers in an avenue that will provide them with the best opportunity to earn and learn not only for themselves but for the swift socio-economic development of the Philippines.


The impressive background of Paradizoo is an integral part of the zoomanity group and is proudly owned by the Yupangco Group of Companies. Although this gigantic firm has done so much for the world-class improvement of this colossal tourist attraction, its prime movers have unanimously thought of a brilliant idea to make their entrance fee more affordable as compared to other tourist attractions in the country. Visitors from all walks of life just have to pay Php 300 per head. Similarly, it has a policy of children under three feet who can never resist that very alluring offer. In turn, it can be intellectually reciprocated with a kind of cognitive development that serves as a remarkable conduit between ecology and the transcendental metamorphosis of human life and the real zest of Nature. Going back to the inclusive coverage of its entrance fee, it includes a memorable and fruitful trip to the Butterfly Sanctuary and the heavenly Honeybee Yard. The latter offers free honey which is as fresh as the morning dew. These sumptuous treats are available in jars.


Paradizoo is a one-stop paradise at the heart of Cavite which has several different accommodations just like a Log House with complete and innovative facilities such as an airconditioned tent, a safe and secured campsite wherein you can set up your own private haven with just a fraction the total cost.


The ever-flourishing Paradizoo Theme Farm is conveniently located at Km. 63 Panungyan Mendez Cavite City. For further inquiries, they can be easily reached at (02)-898-36-95/895-71-42.

In closing, there is so much more about the Philippines that should be intellectually explored. Along this line, the unsurpassed ingenuity of man has given each and every Filipino the rare privilege and the unique ability to let the whole world know that global competitiveness is an easy thing to achieve no matter what the tides might bring forth. One classic example is the life-changing atmosphere of the free-flowing and yet mystifying surrounding of the Paradizoo Theme Farm in Cavite. This serene and quintessential labyrinth of Mother Nature and her finest byproducts simply reflect as to how everything has been made so splendidly without sacrificing the other sides of this thing called Life.

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