There is indeed something strange and out of the ordinary going on with Paranormal Activity 5: The Marked Ones. This movie is the fifth of the series of paranormal activity. When the first paranormal activity was shown, it was assumed that the footage was a gimmick and as the series continues, the appeal revealed there is something more. That revelation proved to be interesting in the film especially when the whining of Micah and Katie became unbearable. More so, in the third picture the cultural diversity expanded so slightly for the movie to adapt to a much larger spiritual inferences of the attacks. Thus, The series exposed itself to be somewhat a better version of the Saw film.

Paranormal Activity 5 is another suspense thriller and a horror inspired film that will surely make you scream.

Paranormal Activity 5 is another suspense thriller and a horror inspired film that will surely make you scream.

The end of the fourth film, a mysterious force known as Tobey had been ousted as a lethargic and a slacker demon that would rather lie around on the couch playing Xbox, letting a group of old ladies do his dirty work than to gather much of anything that could be called as a paranormal activity.As far as the decision of its makers to have a posh setting, makes Paranormal Activity 5 to take place at a gang occupied place in LA. It was a nice break away; thereby giving its audiences the best entry in the series so far. It was really relieving to do away with the extended footage of a ground pool for hours. This new setting has turned out to be as having lots of positive changes to brag about.

The director,  Christopher Landon has perfectly restored the visual styling to something that is more conventional and ultimately more liberating and physically-revealing. One of the guys is holding a camera while documenting the trouble first hand without the help of any modern security equipment. This move actually brings back the idea of a character’s viewpoint to do away with the feeling that the audience is simply an outside observer to the supernatural killings.

The story revolves around Jesse played by Andrew Jacobsen, a fresh high school graduate who is a part of a superstitious family. What’s interesting in the story, is there spiritual belief in Jesse’s community. Traditional Catholicism and mysticism walk together in the movie. When an old woman in their apartment turns up dead, Jesse and his friend Hector had learned that she was thought to be as a witch. When Jesse had a bite mark on his arm, he is forced into an escalating series of events that moved away from the domestic haunting angle and looks like a good old fashioned possession that is absolutely complete with a bit of superhero antics along the way.

The movie’s strength is due to its straightforward structure and well=drawn characters’ selection that audiences will actually feel and worry about when the climax starts building up. The actors share an easy bond throughout. To add, the use of their Latino slang and cultural references with the frequent humor in the early part made the movie seems to be fine. The Spanish language dialogue ensures that the film is accessible to a broader audience share and impact.

Its visuals are effective and not disturbing. In fact, it worked better because they depend less on a searching out for character compositions like in the other sequels and more on the character’s dynamics. Paranormal activity 5 The Marked Ones, is an excuse for horror fun house antics. it is a solid addition to the series and puts in horror routine with a fresh point of view.

Here’s a short movie trailer of Paranormal Activity 5: The Marked Ones.

Paranormal Activity 5, may even create a new niche for some low-budgeted horror pranks in such a way the original camped out in October’s Halloween timeslot. To sum it up, the movie is fun, spooky and yet a detour for those audiences who are looking for their first theatre experience this year.

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