Paranormal Psychology : Mesmerizing Journey to another Dimension

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Life has many unexpected surprises. These unusual but interesting to know personal anecdotes, events or ideas qualitatively represent the growth and development of cognition, psycho-sociological awareness and total well-being of an individual. Of course, most people are oftentimes caught unaware of all these things, especially if it delve around a “mind over matter premise” which extensively needs concrete, scientific and logical explanations. Likewise, there are life situations that seem to be beyond the comprehensible characteristics of human nature. Meaning to say, there are events which are immeasurable through physical and material means; but they do exist in another world or dimension. One of the most popular examples is a paranormal occurrence or phenomenon.

Paranormal Psychology

To define, paranormal psychology refers to human experiences which fall under the exterior range of human nature’s understanding and existence. Ever since the dawn of the Paranormal Age, there were thousands of documented stories which can be freely viewed and read simultaneously via the powerful medium of cyberspace. As such, these extraordinary happenings can be classified under the umbrella of folklore culture as well as the vivid recollection of individual subjects.

Despite the swift proliferation of paranormal beliefs, the diverse groups of the so-called scientific community specifically the United States National Foundation has time and again negated the principles governing paranormal psychology. On the other hand, many people nowadays are clueless about the etymology of the word “paranormal”. Briefly, the term “para” has Greek and Latin origins. In Greek, para indicates the similarity or proximity to. Whereas in Latin, it means above or beyond subject wise. The predominant cores of study are the Unidentified Flying Objects, ghosts and other unseen spiritual beings. Aside from this easy to understand etymology, the esoteric knowledge behind paranormal psychology is not regarded as a science in every detail. Why? The characteristics of a scientific phenomenon should first and foremost exhibit the following attributions.

  1. The event or happening must be explained through scientific means
  2. An organized hierarchy of developments related to a paranormal phenomenon
  3. It must be governed by pre-existing and currently proven and applied scientific laws formulated by man

However, the author of this article could not help but wonder as to how a certain paranormal gift could possibly be measured if everything came from the Divine Providence to fulfill a noble mission of healing other people from their afflictions. Of course, the field of science also comes from above which allows researchers to explain how the planets revolve around the sun and the likes. On the contrary, how could scientific researchers fully explain the Divine messages which had been dictated to the author to cure a person’s disease which has no medical findings at all. Yes, there are patients of this healer and writer who had been suffering from an unknown illness which cannot be determined by laboratory examinations. For instance, a patient of hers who was suffering from an unbearable stomach pain; and yet medical findings reveal that there is nothing wrong with the digestive system of that individual.

In the light of this controversy between science and paranormal phenomenon, there is indeed a big and incomprehensible difference between Divine wisdom and man’s God given talents. In essence, there are some unexplained situations that do exist, without the aid of scientific and sociological theoretical frameworks which are all scientific facts made by man. The following section of this article is the story of Sister Marah and her most amazing experience of paranormal psychology.

Faith Healing : Sister Marah’s Most Incredible Paranormal Gift

Despite of her physical disability as a result of a cerebral palsy syndrome, this humble and compassionate lady writer had been blessed with an extraordinary gift on March 30, 1985. The said surprise was called as “faith or divine healing”. In the scientific parlance, divine healing is a kind of cure through spiritual means. Moreover, its believers strongly assert that the successful healing of a person can be achieved through the help of the following components: FAITH, PRAYERS and RITUALS. On the side of religious sects, Catholicism regards this paranormal phenomenon as a result of an intercessory prayer to saints or, to a person who has been blessed with this kind of a tremendous gift. For some Catholics, miracles are always possible. These miraculous healing can be attributed to Our Lady of Lourdes in France and the “Patron Saint of the Hopeless”, in the person of Saint Jude.

Going back to the writer’s own personal encounter with a paranormal phenomenon, she did not take it seriously at first. For her, faith healing is just an integral part and effect of the psychological conditioning of the mind, which will efficaciously transcend to the physiological components of a sick individual. Ultimately, her belief about this mysterious paranormal activity was somehow made complicated by the reality that she is wheelchair bound for the rest of her life. However, the Supreme Being through the intercession of the Black Nazarene had dramatically and perfectly changed this nonsense belief of hers. Through a person who had undergone a state of trance, the Black Nazarene revealed to the author of this article; that she will someday fulfill a noble mission for others. Pessimistic about the whole thing, the miraculous saint of Quiapo in Manila, Philippines had conversed with her through mind imaging. In their conversation, He had instructed her to start doing her holy and sanctified mission as early as possible, without waiting for the appointed age and time that He had previously told her. Prior to Sister Marah’s acceptance, he had asked God to make a way to let her see the most fearful and horrible creature of all. – “The Devil”.

Sister Marah’s Gruesome and Challenging One-On-One Encounter with the Devil

The loving and miraculous Black Nazarene had fulfilled Sister Marah’s fervent wish. But, He warned her to be prepared for whatever eventualities which might took place on that evening of March 29, 1985. As she was lying in bed, the side of her comfy couch had started to ablaze on fire. Seconds later, the King of the Devil appeared to her with a fury and odorous body that anybody cannot extremely withstand. With that kind of situation, the child became so anxious and afraid. She had thought at that very moment, that the nemesis of God would get her; and she might not be able to see her family ever again.

Her Healing Mission Begins

After that chilling encounter with the Devil, she had accepted her mission wholeheartedly. The only thing that she had asked God is to heal her from her deteriorating kidney ailment because her family had no money for a series of dialysis treatments. After three days, she got well upon doing God’s healing instructions. Therefore, Sister Marah had gratefully obeyed God’s will without reservations. And so, a new chapter in her melodramatic life began to unfold. “Was she able to accomplish it successfully?” Find out in the succeeding sections of this interesting and spiritually nourishing article.

Sister Marah’s first patient was a classmate of hers, during her elementary days. Mr. RS was suffering from asthma since birth. To be able to heal him, Marah suddenly went on a trance and let the spirit of the Black Nazarene dwell inside her young and feeble body; to finally perform her first major paranormal miracle after a few days, of having a “spiritual covenant with the Lord”. While the Nazarene touched the body of the patient, Marah’s spirit was hanging on another dimension which was filled glaring and shimmering rays of white and yellow lights. This heavenly place was abounding in magnificent beauty and splendor. “Was it heaven? The healer refused to reveal the name of the place while she was in an unconscious state.

Church Rituals for a Beleaguered Paranormal Healer

Despite of her first healing success, the lady healer with disability was too depressed because her grandmother did not believe her at all. In fact, she was brought to a church near Quezon City to be blessed and prayed over by a prominent priest by the name of Monsignor Vera Quizon, the relative of a popular comedian of Philippine cinema. As Father Vera Quizon was praying over her, she had suddenly went on a trance state; this time the spirit of the Santo Nino went inside her body and greeted the priest with a gentle and childlike smile. Father Vera Quizon had sprinkled some holy water on her face, presuming that it was the devil that was inside her. But, those negative notions reflected another remarkable impression. Sister Marah did not get violent while the ritual was performed before her. Instead, the Santo Nino felt incessantly glad to what had happened since Marah’s soul will be overwhelmed with incomparable peace and happiness during her lifetime. Sister Marah’s Popularity Surges but Her Grandmother was against it. From then on, her name had spread like a wildfire. Still, her grandmother was too firm in her decision to convince Sister Marah to forget about these crazy things and instead pursue with her studies in the coming years. Devastated and in agony, she had asked the Santo Nino to perform a miracle so that she would be allowed by her strict grandmother to continue with her still premature healing mission.

The Little Infant Jesus gave her wish, when the playful and charming “Child Wonder” kept the upper denture of her ever-protective grandmother. Feeling terrified that she had swallowed her false teeth; she had drunk a cup of hot coffee to see if something would get in the way. But, there was none. So, she woke up Sister Marah’s grandfather to help her find the lost denture. They were both curious as to where and how it all took place. Restless and weary, her grandma prayed to the Santo Nino that she will wholeheartedly accept His will for her disabled grandchild. Not long afterwards, the lost denture was miraculously found on top of their altar where the statue of the Santo Nino was placed. From that day onwards, Sister Marah was able to do her spiritual endeavors without emotional barriers which could hamper the bliss and growth of her spiritual life.

Currently, she still does the same thing whenever somebody needs her immediate help. When she is not preoccupied with her healing activities, she writes articles for a privately owned website as an online writer for almost months now. Conclusively, the different paranormal encounters of Sister Marah are wonderful ways to excellently prove that it is not her who heals, but rather one’s faith in God the almighty.


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