Parapsychology : A Different Field of Science

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The metaphysics of scientific explanations has been defied a thousand times over by its most controversial branch or association that is otherwise known as “parapsychology”. As experts would claim, having the most intensive and comprehensive definition of the scientifically mysterious term is not an easy endeavor to accomplish. In its holistic approach and perspective, various researchers in our Modern Age have somehow been expected by the majority to clarify some vague but intriguing issues which made it a much sought after field, by those people who want to learn and explore about the unknown. Moreover, the many and diverse definitions of parapsychology has the conceptual ability to emphasize the negative aspects of the other world of science; thus, defining it in terms of “what it is not; rather than what it really is, by nature and concept. Therefore, this article aims to shed light on what parapsychology is in its strictest essence and value.


What is Parapsychology?

Parapsychology pertains to the involvement of an evidence for an unexplained psychological phenomenon in accordance to scientific principles. In addition, there are other terms which have been used reciprocally like paranormal, psychic phenomenon and what others allude to as psychical science. Similarly, during the 20th century, its study have been attempted to adopt the scientific framework for a much detailed and encompassing research and proofs about this dynamic and progressive pseudoscience. To make it not just as a thing about the supernatural, a noted psychologist in the person of Max Dessoir, coined this term prior to the onset of the year 1889, in his sensational and controversial article entitled, Parapsychology: In Response to the article, “The Prophet”.

Parapsychology Categories or Types

The phenomenon of parapsychology can be generally and clearly divided into three general categories or classifications. These are namely clairvoyance, telepathy or precognition and telekinesis. Descriptively, telepathy is the unique and astonishing ability to communicate with another person across space and time, through a person’s mind power. On the other hand, telekinesis is the capability or the supreme power of a gifted person to animate or move objects by using the “untapped power of his or her cognitive faculties”. Last but not the least among these classifications, is clairvoyance or precognition. The said parapsychology phenomenon is the tremendous talent of an individual to see and foretell future happenings or events through different mediums.- Tarot cards, names and birthdays of persons and the likes.

Spiritualism as a Parapsychology

In general, spiritualism is closely in consonance or associated with these three kinds of parapsychology phenomenon. Spiritualism usually involves the communication with the dead spirits. Conversely, the apostles or avid followers of this kind of supernatural belief had said that they do religiously believe in the existence of “afterlife”, and a soul’s immortality. With these kinds of spiritual mysticism, the so-called materialistic scientists and those spiritually inclined individuals went on their separate ways with the traditional spiritualists.

The Principle of Parapsychology

Predominantly, the overwhelming principle which governs or underlies the pseudoscience of parapsychology states that the minds of humans are independently created or fashioned from their physical beings; and that there is a certain field; that remarkably justifies the postulate that there are such things as the “non-materialistic presence of life and the universe respectively”.

What seems to be Interesting about Parapsychology?

Based on the research findings of scientific experts, the study and learning methodologies of pseudo sciences are too engrossing and interesting to know about; because psychic phenomena are difficult to research and more importantly, the intelligent and observant majority is constantly having a “negative frame of mind” when it comes to this aspect of human existence. In summary, the nature and wholeness of parapsychology has no backbone of scientific laws. For instance, when people talk about something about a paranormal phenomenon there is a deep vacuum of a scientific equation or cycle, just like in the concrete example of photosynthesis laws. Instead it is more appropriate to assume that the world of parapsychology is more ruled by “unknown forces beyond natural laws” . Thus, it does not seem to follow the compatible and accepted prototypes of how the world normally works or evolves. On the positive side of parapsychology, if there is one accurate and an undeniable existence of such an unbelievable phenomenon; then, it could be already become a part of biology or physics as areas of the continuously progressive scientific studies and evolution.

As of now, it is a “shrinking field” which could never find its charisma as well as its scientific viabilities; no matter how modern our world is today.


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