The gorgeous daughter of Michael Jackson is rumored to be pregnant at a tender age of 16. The said unconfirmed news had started to circulate in the intriguing mainstream of Hollywood, when Paris Jackson was seen with her unidentified beau that she was toasting with the guy and that her glass was filled with water instead of an alcoholic beverage. Above anything else, Paris had a bulging stomach which was too odd of her age. Just recently, Jackson was again seen by a reliable source that she had gone shopping with her current sweetheart to buy a supposed engagement ring. As we all know, Paris was not in the limelight for several years now after her famous dad died years back.

Paris Jackson, the 16-year old daughter of Michael Jackson is allegedly pregnant.

Paris Jackson, the 16-year old daughter of Michael Jackson is allegedly pregnant.

After Michael Jackson’s untimely death, Paris and her siblings were left in the care of her grandmother as lawfully stated in the last will and testament of the iconic King of Pop. Hence, their ever-generous and loving father had left them with a huge fortune to secure their bright future. Meanwhile, some online readers had negatively reacted with respect to the issue of her sensational pregnancy. Some concerned readers had even said that they should leave Paris Jackson alone in relation to her physical condition.

Needless to say, these nasty talks about her can be perceived as a bias and unfair accusation most specially for a high-profile personality like Paris Jackson. First and foremost, drinking a non-alcoholic beverage is not a sure sign that a lady is pregnant in its strictest sense. Secondly, that particular incident might be a clear indication of the fact that she is finally trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Let us give Paris Jackson a chance to end all these speculations. On the other hand, if she is indeed on the way may she become the The Best Mom in the World that none of us has the right to question.

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