Well, what do you know. Patrick Schwarzenegger Cabo Girl, who has been identified as Natalie has hung out and were pictured standing side-by-side with Miley Cyrus at the University Southern California football game in November 2014. The singer knew the petite brunette, who was with her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger in an intimate embrace in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Cabo Girl Natalie

Singer Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger Cabo Girl Natalie were pictured at a USC football game together.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Cabo girl, Natalie was part of their crew during the University of Southern California football game he attended together with girlfriend Miley Cyrus. It was at that same game that the 22-year-old confirmed her romance with Patrick, after much speculation by showering him with kisses.

However, the day after the Patrick Schwarzenegger cheating photos were snapped, Miley Cyrus spent the evening partying her troubles away on Monday. She has not commented on the pictures, she just instead spent the day focusing on friendship, and sharing a picture with her male assistant and close pal Cheyne Thomas.

I feel bad for Miley Cyrus. I don’t think that Natalie is one of Patrick’s best friend’s girlfriend. What kind of best friend would let his girl act the way this woman did? And also, I don’t think that Natalie has a boyfriend, because if she really is in fact dating Patrick’s friend, where is her boyfriend? There’s a bunch of pictures of them looking like a couple, but I haven’t seen any pictures of the girl and her boyfriend together.

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