Patrick Schwarzenegger Denies Cheating Rumors

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American actor/model Patrick Schwarzenegger was seen partying in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on spring break with his arms around a young girl and it wasn’t his singer girlfriend, Miley Cyrus, but with a pretty brunette.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Denies Cheating Rumors. The 21-year-old son of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger took to Twitter to try to explain himself and set the record straight about the photographic evidence while he was having fun in Mango Deck Restaurant & Bar with a petite brunette, in a tiny black bikini, and wearing a “Kappa Kappa Gamma” sorority head scarf. Then later, Patrick Schwarzenegger was photographed taking shots off her body.

Omg. It’s one of my best friends girlfriend…Would NEVER do anything against my GF…..Girls have guy friends and guys have friends that are girls…,” he wrote in a series of tweets.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Cheating Rumors

Patrick Schwarzenegger cozying up with a petite brunette in Cabo San Lucas during spring break.

Meanwhile, “Wrecking Ball” hitmaker Miley Cyrus has made no direct mention of the photos or the cheating rumors, but she did post some messages that she shared with her 16.7 million followers. She also spent the evening at The Laugh Factory in West Hollywood, in a sexy skintight and low-cut black jumpsuit, along with bright red lipstick.

What do you think of Patrick Schwarzenegger Cheating Rumors? As for me, if you truly care for someone, you do not behave this way. You do not put yourself in any position that could be taken wrong. I don’t know any men or woman that allows a friend to do this to his girlfriend or boyfriend. And the only time, “I think” it’s okay to drink shots off some other girl’s stomach is if your girlfriend is present and has put you up to it, while having some other guy drink shots off hers, however, even then, I’d think twice.

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