Oftentimes, death is misunderstood by of many us. We frequently perceive this natural part of human existence as God’s answer to our ethereal limitations from the very day that we are called upon to live and die when our appointed time has come. On this day, a gorgeous Hollywood celebrity is nostalgically remembered with fervent love and ardor by all of his famous Hollywood friends and millions of supporters across the globe. He is no other than but the debonair star of the movie Fast and Furious in the person of Paul Walker.

Paul Walker

Paul Walker

This special article will vividly relive the life and times of this kindhearted man who had significantly given the real essence of life a new and refreshing start, which can dearly touch the lives of many in the most unique ways. As we all know, Paul Walker had died in a car accident. According to Paul Walker III,

I miss talking to him a great deal. He had a good heart.

On the fateful day of November 30, 2013, Walker died so suddenly. As a result, his ardent fans from all walks of life had mourned his untimely demise. According to investigators, the vehicle that he drove during that time was totally unsafe in terms of its speed for a given road condition. His doting father had tearfully recalled his son as someone who never failed to fill their house with laughter. In all sincerity, his father had all praises for his son by saying.

Paul just radiated love and you can’t fake that.
Paul had a really good heart. I thought. How did I deserve such a wonderful son?

On the lighter side of this story, Paul Walker was a nature lover and indeed an adventurous person. Ultimately, his fetish for beautiful cars had in a way become the most creative way to describe the physical attributes of the world renowned star of Fast and Furious. Needless to say, Paul has an extremely wild and creative imagination because he best describes the ocean as a magical kingdom. Prior to his death, he was able to shoot his last film which was entitled as Furious 7. In real life, he was known as Paul William Walker IV and he was born on the 12th day of September 1973. In the entire course of his illustrious career, he had gained an unprecedented share of international prominence through some classic films such as The Young and the Restless and Touched by an Angel.

Aside from being one of the most sought actors in Hollywood, he did not forget to share his abundant blessings by establishing his very own charitable institution. Did you that he too is a certified lover of dogs? In fact, he had once lived with him in his humble home in Santa Barbara. Thank you for those awesome and most cherished memories, Paul Walker.

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