In the active and intriguing world of sports, the trading in of competent and hard driven players is inevitable to keep the business going. Just recently, Percy Harvin was traded in by his team, the Seattle Seahawks. This was in connection to the so-called unconditional draft pick which was slated for next year. Essentially, this will eventually constitute a second to fourth round pick.

Percy Harvin was traded in by Seattle Seahawks New York Jets.

Percy Harvin was traded in by Seattle Seahawks New York Jets.

Categorically, a player’s performance matters a lot to be able to engage him-self with such a major move by both parties. In the case of Percy Harvin, he had a total of 22 receptions for 133 yards. Likewise, the agile and dynamic Harvin had no touchdowns. In the same manner, this goal-driven figure of the Seattle Hawks had a total of 92 rushing yards with 11 carries respectively. In retrospect, the Seattle Seahawks had dearly possessed Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings. This was made official on March 11, 2013. Several years had passed and the Seattle Seahawks had officially signed him for a six-year contract with a huge remuneration of $67 million and a guaranteed pot of $25.5 million.

In other developments, an NFL insider had said that the barter between these two teams was all about money, field performance and the so-called off the field issues. On the other hand, it was also said by this reliable insider that there are issues to be dealt with insofar as the anger management concerns of the star player. Given this kind of a scenario, many had said that Harvin is not an easy player to keep up with in the first place. As a notable sport analyst had said.

This is one they’ve been considering for some time for a couple reasons.

According to reliable sources,

Plus, on the field, he’s a player you have to game-plan for every single game. He’s not like any other player, he’s a slot receiver, he’s a running back, he’s all sorts of things. And for offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, getting him involved in the game was something that was not always easy.

During an offseason, the Seahawks had spent much time in fixing its playbook. Thus, it firmly believed that this the best way to tap and develop the inherent gifts of Harvin without reservations. After all, he is a million-dollar catcher and backfield expert. Despite of his shortcomings, Harvin’s bankability should never be taken for granted. This is most specially true in the offense strategies of his newest family in the National Football League. For some unknown reason, this is the second time that he had been traded within the span of 19 months. After that historic barter, Percy Harvin will be in the playing field for the Jets on the 26t s on the 26th day of October 2014.

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