The brutal and merciless beheading of Peter Kassig, which was allegedly caught on video tapes was vividly recalled by a chosen few that the American aid worker knelt before a hooded man who was said to be one of the members ISIS group. For those of you out there, who is not so familiar with Peter Kassig, he had bravely fought in Iraq prior to the formation of a selfless and noble humanitarian group with his own sweat and blood. Since then, they were tirelessly ferrying some emergency supplies which will be used by the innocent victims of the long and winding Syrian war from a renowned base in the said country. Based from the October 3 video footage, Peter Kassig was the last one in line.

American aid worker Peter Kassig was beheaded by ISIS without remorse.

American aid worker Peter Kassig was beheaded by ISIS without remorse.

Before him, was Alan Henning. He was a British aid worker who never imagined that he will suffer the same fate as the other previous casualties of ISIS. As far as the devastating video footage was concerned, it all began with the founding and evolution of ISIS. The said inhumane and immoral video had lasted for an approximate of 16 minutes. Descriptively, the video has a narration and has excellently enhanced with English subtitles. The brains behind this intriguing and mysterious video had focused on an aspect of deliberately making these footages much longer to relatively show those men who wore jumpsuits in blue. They were alluded to as Syrian pilots and scuffs who were led to a path of an olive grove. Shockingly, a particular video sample had shown each of these fighter forces were dragging their prisoners to the ground. After which, they will saw the necks of their chosen captive using serrated daggers. Going back to the beheading of Peter Kassig, there had been unverified reports that he had managed to escape.

As a result, it has created a dubious question as to where is Peter Kassig? Is he still alive or totally lost in oblivion? Whatever the answers are, their respective socio-cultural repercussions are inevitable. Among these are: The US government and ISIS group have widened their ideological gaps even more unless these devilish beings are willing to talk about their differences without looking back insofar as their shortcomings are concerned. Secondly, both Muslim and Americans will have their own not so good impressions about one another. Suggestively, the US and Syrian governments must have a swift and doable solutions through some series of bilateral talks to be able to expedite the nurturing caress of freedom, peace and harmony most specially in Syria. Should this be done immediately, the exclusive members of ISIS must face the dire consequences of their actions no matter how bitter or painful these sanctions are.

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