The once famous and flamboyant music legend, Phil Spector, is a totally different man. Spector in one of his recent photos had clearly indicated that languishing in jail for more than a decade is too much to bear. In his recent photograph, Spector is now bald and his unblemished complexion before, has drastically changed a lot. It has wrinkles and his skin has terribly sagged over the years. The California Department of Corrections spokesperson Terry Thornton had that whatever photo which had circulated via the internet was taken sometime in October while he was being transferred to a more huge facility which is nonetheless the California Health Care Facility in Stockton.

Music legend Phil Spector has aged a lot after several years in prison.

Music legend Phil Spector has aged a lot after several years in prison.

This is best described as a place wherein prisoners are graciously provided with adequate and state-of-the art health and mental care most particularly those inmates who are sickly. For the sake of information dissemination, Phil Spector was sentenced to serve 19 years in prison for killing Lana Clarkson in 2003. Spector’s unusual appearance while wearing wigs which were totally out of this world during the course of his trials had made his personality more mysterious. Likewise, it was reported that he had a history of violent behaviors during his prime. All of these allegations had tainted his image of being a music genius and legend that the music industry had ever known. Speaking of his state of health Thornton did not reveal anything about this because of the corrections’ privacy policy.

In retrospect, Phil Spector had become one of the many geniuses in music after he had revolutionized the versatile genres of rock music through his impeccable Wall of Sound album. During his controversial court trials, his line of defense for the murder of Lana Clarkson was all about his uncertain and fading music career. In addition to this, the first decision of the jury resulted to a deadlock. But, the second unanimous consensus of the jurors which were purely based on the presented evidences of the prosecution had found him guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Accordingly, it was a second degree kind of murder. Spector remarried after Clarkson’s untimely death. In his lifetime, he was already a millionaire at 21. With this kind of stature, he was able to produce a total of 20 top of the chart hits.

Life is not always a bed of roses for Spector. He went into a much needed seclusion due to a psychotic behavior. But this, did not stop him from getting back again to the music scene. To prove that music is his life, heart and soul, he collaborated with the phenomenal group, The Beatles. Their most unforgettable collaboration was the timeless classic, Let It Be. After he was convicted of murder, he was ordered to pay $ 17,000 to Donna Clarkson. She is the mother of Phil Spector’s helpless victim of a senseless outrage.

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