The captivating essence of Philippine Tourism has again catapulted itself to fame and popularity, with this newest tourist attraction in the country which is fabulously named as the Philippine Arena. Primarily, this is a diversified kind of arena which is conveniently situated at the grandiose and fascinating Ciudad de Victoria. It is a tourism-related firm which is found in Santa Maria and Bocaue, Bulacan. Generally, it has a spacious seating capacity for almost 55,000 spectators.

This is the major reason why, it is aptly referred to as the world’s biggest arena. In fact, this would become as the most glaring and momentous centerpiece of the Church of God, one of the most dominating religious sects in the Philippines. Incidentally, this awesome tourist hub will be the venue of the INC’s biggest event which is slated on the 27th day of July 2014. As far as its legitimate ownership is concerned, it rightfully belongs to New Era University. To know more about this grandest tourist gem in the Philippines, the subsequent paragraphs will imaginatively take you there, while you are at the comforts of your own homes.

Philippine Arena, is the newest and most magnificent tourist attraction in Bulacan.

Philippine Arena, is the newest and most magnificent tourist attraction in Bulacan.

Construction Details

Uniquely, the motivational inspiration behind the design concept of the spectacular Philippine Arena is the humble Philippine Narra. This is better known as the Mother Tree of the Philippines.

Architectural Prototype

The inexpressible architectural prototype of the arena was designed by a Kansas-based architecture which is world-renowned for its integrity and undisputed works of art. The said firm has harmoniously coordinated with their manpower resources in Brisbane, Australia. To date, its unquestionable genetic engineering and architecture of the most striking amphitheatre of the Filipinos has been critically thought of in order to safely accommodate 50,000 people in and outside the stadium’s fully secured premises. Creatively, the state-of-the-art coliseum is tremendously fashioned as single-sided bowl.

Meanwhile, the lower portion of its bowl will be the most frequently utilized part of this particular gridson in the vast and serene province of Bulacan. Purposely, the most modern and diversified architectural design of this fantabulous coliseum paves the way for the distinct separation of its upper and lower decks through the use of specially designed curtain with acoustic and thermal characterizations.

Structural Overview

Bulacan’s tourism pride, was proudly built on a 99,200 square meters parcel of land with a dome which is approximately 36,000 square meters. Hence, its roof measures 160 meters and is wholly comprised of 92,000 tons of genuine steel work. Specifically, the stadium proudly stands with a height 62 meters. To translate, that is about fifteen stories high. Thus, for its precautionary measure against an unexpected natural calamity it has been equipped with a third batch of the so-called dead load.

Strategic Landscape

The ultra-sophisticated landscape of Philippine Arena was unselfishly provided for by PWP Landscape Architecture. For this particular project, a series of plazas were beautifully built, it has numerous invigorating gardens and other colossal performance venues like the North and South Arrival Plazas, Promontory Plaza, The Great Stairs and a lot more.


According to its prime developer, the said extraordinary stadium will be used for the following: Multi-sports and concert venue, boxing, tennis and even indoor gymnastics. In the years to come, it will soon have a shopping center, several hospitals and reasonably -priced residential properties which would really define what a world-class tourist spot should be.

Due to its unprecedented popularity and versatility, it was featured on a documentary entitled, Man Made Marvels Quake Proof. This was also aired on Discovery Channel on December 25, 2013. The said interesting program has mainly focused on the overpowering architectural structure of Philippine Arena to unbelievably withstand even the strongest typhoons and earthquake that would probably hit the Philippines in the years ahead.

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