A nation’s inherent popularity and uniqueness are not solely dependent on its geographical features, political system and cultural endowments. It is also measured by the gustatory distinctiveness of its people. The Philippines is a very good example of this interesting culinary distinction. This article will defines the different kinds of Filipino cuisines which will surely leave everyone in awe because the Philippines has a one-of-a-kind national identity in terms of her irresistible regional cuisines.

Over the years, the Filipinos always find it interesting to experiment on some cuisines to make them more dramatically appetizing. In this regard, the cooking gurus of the Philippines often come up with other delicious dishes which are very economical and affordable. Sometimes, leftovers can be transformed into something which is more delicious than the original recipes. It is evident that Filipino are versatile when it comes to cooking delicious meals. They apply inherent characteristic of functionality in terms of the following cooking principles: Right choice of ingredients, estimation of quantity and proper blending to produce delicious meals that people loved to feast on.

With these inherent qualities of the Filipinos, their country will never be left behind in whatever field of commercial endeavor that would likely emerge in the midst of the changing times. Here are some of the most sought after Filipino cuisines. Read on.

Dinuguan Filipino Cuisine

Dinuguan is an all-time Pinoy favorite.

Popular Filipino Cuisines

The ever changing gustatory distinctiveness depend on the following factors: Taste, exoticism, affordability and cultural significance.

  • Dinuguan – A rare Filipino dish which is commonly termed in the English language as a stew of a pig’s meat and blood. The delicious dinuguan is comprised of a simmered meat that is carefully combined with a rich, spicy and an aromatic blood of pig, mixed with garlic, spices and other ingredients to make it more appealing and delicious. Etymologically, the term dinuguan simply means blood or dugo. In addition, it can be served in many varieties. To name a few, it can be eaten with puto, a kind of Filipino rice cake. As for its other variations, it can be added with adequate amounts of coconut milk or putting less of the pig’s blood which is commonly called as tinumis. Preparation wise, a delectable and savoring dinuguan makes use of pork meat or its intestines.
  • Bagabay – A delicious Filipino recipe which pertains to a tuna male egg. To cook, it can be prepared just like the adobo of the Filipinos. Likewise, it can also be grilled. However, no matter how you cook them one thing remains the same. It is too delectable even up to the last bite. Thus, many Pinoy food lovers are looking for its female version known as the Bihod.
  • Inihaw Na Panga – A well-loved recipe of the Filipinos which can be served with the right amounts of kalamansi juice or soy sauce. Speaking of its preparation, here’s how it goes. Once carefully prepared, all your friends will presume that you are a kitchen wonder. This dish of the discriminating Pinoy palate has its tastiest part located on the bottom section of the jaw.

Filipino dishes and a Pinoy’s gustatory distinctiveness harmoniously interplay with the flexibility of human nature. These mouthwatering dishes speak of how the Philippines had blossomed its culinary distinctiveness in the world. Filipinos are endowed with unique cooking talents which nourish their minds and feed their souls with gladness and an immeasurable kind of personal satisfaction.


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