Philippine Government to Delineate 400 Peacekeepers from Liberia and Golan Heights

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The safety of almost 400 Filipino peacekeepers is the most important agenda for the Philippine government to undertake as tension continues to escalate in Golden Heights and Liberia. The Department of National Defense has immediately disclosed that the much needed repatriation would happen sometime in October. According to the official spokesperson of the Department of National Defense who goes by the name of Peter Paul Reuben Galvez the above mentioned countries have different social concerns to deal with. To date, Liberia is currently threatened by the deadly Ebola virus; while Golden Heights has yet to resolve the rift which is currently going on there; thereby, affecting the lives of countless peacekeepers in the said territories.

Golan Heights will never be the same again, as tension escalates within the region.

Golan Heights will never be the same again, as tension escalates within the region.

Speaking of the upcoming repatriation efforts, DND has estimated almost 331 peacekeeping contingent which is composed of an all-Filipino flagship. They were sent by the United Nations Disengagement Force in Golan Heights. However, they will be sent back home to the Philippines as soon as their noble duty comes to an end. It is said the peacekeeping force of the Philippines was made to stay in those countries despite the withdrawal of other contributing nations in the promotion and safeguarding of world peace. Meanwhile, in Liberia the number of Ebola virus victims continues to increase despite of those major scientific breakthroughs in our midst.

In essence, President Benigno Aquino III has reiterated time and again that safety comes first above anything else. Indeed, the Philippine government is really doing its best to be on top of the situation specially so when it comes to the uncompromised welfare of those unsung heroes in Golan Heights and Liberia. These dedicated souls have burning passions to serve and save the precious lives of millions without reservations.


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