There is no better way to keep our memories sharper, but to make our bodies physically fit. This is the newest scientific revelation of a recent study, which has profoundly concluded that an adequate amount of exercise can incredibly enhance a person’s cognition as well as his or her analytic skills. most specially, if that individual has already reached his or her twilight years. This was made possible through an experimental study, which utilized a mapping methodology. Remarkably, physical fitness was linked to a significant decrease of mistakes that were committed by those participants who mostly belonged to the age bracket of 80 years old. To date, the said subjects were administered several cognitive tests over time.

Physical Fitness on Old People

These senior individuals have a much higher retention percentage than those who are not physically fit.

During the initial phase of this experiment, researchers were surprised when the results of their study came out. Primarily, those 80-year old subjects who were excellently fit as twice as their contemporaries had unbelievably exhibited a 25 percent error-free test performance on memory and concentration tests. According to Carrington Wendell,

This study shows that your cardiovascular fitness at one point in time can predict how well your memory may function in the future.

Wendell was the prime mover of this very interesting scientific study about the revealing interrelationship between physical fitness and a sharper memory. Previously, there were significant studies which provided a clear-cut hint on the rational relationship of exercise between the issues of cognitive decline as we grow older. Going back, this experiment had asked a total of 1,400 participants from both genders to walk, jog and run on a treadmill until they can no longer breathe.

During the complex research study, a special machine was used to accurately gauge the amount of oxygen that was inhaled by them. Likewise, the percentage of carbon dioxide that they exhaled was meticulously measured. In effect, each individual’s VO2 max was made known.

What is VO2 max? V02 max is the maximum oxygen level used by a person’s lungs during a 60-second toilsome exercise. Conclusively, the more oxygen that your lungs has expended the healthier you become. This was in accordance with Wendell’s experiment. Meanwhile, in other similar studies about the importance of being physically fit and its mutual relationship in a human’s more improved mindfulness Dr. Deborah Barnes had adversely commented.

In terms of the level of evidence, this is an observational study.

Also, she said.

The study can show physical fitness is associated with better thinking and memory skills, but not prove it’s responsible.

Barnes is a researcher of psychiatry at the University of California in San Francisco, USA. Unfortunately, she did not accept the findings of the former that both exercise and cognitive development in older people are closely intertwined with one another. Instead, she opted to defend her own findings by saying this statement.

It would have been nice to have additional VO2 max measurements, instead of only at the beginning. With this extra data, researchers could have looked more closely at correlations between changes in aerobic fitness and cognitive performance over time.


The challenge now is how do we get people to go out and exercise? We know exercise is good for us, now how do we do it every day?

Subsequently, these two staunch researchers have both agreed on a consensus that insofar as the proportional relationship between physical fitness and intellectual development during old age is concerned there has to be a of work to be done in the near future. Do you agree?

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