Senator Ping Lacson is being preened as the Philippines’ one and only anti-kidnapping czar after kidnapping cases have risen to a much higher percentage since the Aquino presidency has taken its challenge for an unmatched social revolution. Along this juncture, a proposed task force is currently among the many House Bills of Representative Rodolfo Albano III, to fight against those organized crime groups. As expected Senator Ping Lacson is his best choice for the most dangerous government post next to the Philippine presidency. Meanwhile, Lacson heads the Presidential Assistant for Rehabilitation and Recovery. Congressman Albano said it was extremely alarming about the resurgence of kidnapping across the country.

Senator Ping Lacson is being endorsed to head as anti-kidnapping czar.

Senator Ping Lacson is being endorsed to head as anti-kidnapping czar.

This was based on the latest data of the Movement for the Restoration of Peacw and Order. In effect, Rep. Albano has made an earnest appeal to the Aquino government to take the necessary actions to curb this social menace for good. Teresita Ang See, who is the current chair of MRPO has revealed that the cases of kidnapping had soared to 33 cases as of this year alone. Descriptively, Ang See said that these lawless elements are getting bolder than ever before because they have even reached Metro Manila as they have not done before due to traffic congestion. Going back, Ping Lacson’s exemplary track record would make him more than competent for the most critical government post.

He further added that during the Estrada presidency, Senator Lacson has dynamically spearheaded another anti-kidnapping task force. As expected, his roster of achievements were still unsurpassed as of this time. Similarly, the other notable endorsers of Senator Ping Lacson are as follows: House Speaker Sonny Belmonte and Representative Albee Benitez of Negros Occidental. To wrap up, will Senator Panfilo Lacson wholeheartedly accept the new government post in the future? If he does, then these merciless criminals should all think twice before it’s too late.

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