Aga Muchlach’s Pinoy Explorer on TV-5 airs its final telecast tonight at 6:45 P.M., with a fantastic episode featuring the historic site of the recently-concluded Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. As his final curtain call nears, the debonair host of the show will flaunt his ice skating prowess like he never did before. Perhaps, to leave a memorable trace of thought for those who have willingly supported the engaging sojourn of “Pinoy Explorer” across the globe. Have you ever seen Aga Muchlach doing a daredevil act of car racing on a quivering snow? Also, the prolific and hardworking team behind “Pinoy Explorer” will share with us on how these brilliant Russians were able to turn a new leaf insofar as giving a classical snow activity some rare twists to make it more exciting and yet, worth celebrating.

"Pinoy Explorer" airs its final telecast on TV-5 in Sochi Russia.

“Pinoy Explorer” airs its final telecast on TV-5 in Sochi Russia.

In addition, “Pinoy Explorer” will splendidly highlight the Russians’ counterpart of “kiteboarding” which is popularly known as “snowkiting”. When you say snowkiting, it pertains to the ability of expert ice gliders to run on a snowy surface while they are being tagged along by a huge kite. Similarly, the soon to be sorely missed “Pinoy Explorer” will intricately discover how the Russians keep themselves preoccupied during the winter season by doing a recreational activity which is commonly called as “gorodski”. To know more about the latter, you should not dare miss tonight’s episode of “Pinoy Explorer”.

Last but not the least, Aga Muchlach will vividly reminisce some of his most requested interludes of “Pinoy Explorer” being the most informative global TV show in the Philippines for the last three years. These include his funny taping blunders, harmonious interaction with different people of diverse cultures alongside with those marvelous places that we have never seen before.

As “Pinoy Explorer” finally says goodbye, many of its avid viewers will definitely request for a much anticipated encore in the next years to come. Therefore, a tearful goodbye is not always the end of everything. Thus, it is a wonderful beginning of a new and rewarding voyage that never goes out of route.

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