Hunk actor and ABS-CBN talent Piolo Pascual would like to have a future wife who is not only beautiful. Also, she has to be in her twenties. In his one-on-one interview with a top rating talk show entitled, Straightforward with Tunying, he has openly revealed the major reason why he wants to tie the knot with a young lady in her twenties is this. Pascual wants to have more children because he is very much fond of them. To further elaborate, he said.

Hunk actor Piolo Pascual wants a much younger bride to be.

Hunk actor Piolo Pascual wants a much younger bride to be.

I want to have a wife and four more kids.

In his previous romantic involvement, Piolo was blessed with a 16-year old son. His name is Inigo. This equally talented son of his is based in California with his mom. More than anything else, he wants to get married the soonest. As far as he is concerned, he is now more health conscious than ever before. Settling down has certain requisites as far as Puolo is concerned. First and foremost, his son has to be above 18 years old. Secondly, he wants to make sure that he has enough time to prepare him-self most specially during the courtship stage. According to this very sensible dramatic actor, there are lots of girls to for him to choose from. But the main problem that he has right now is the time frame for his personal life.

Currently, Piolo is too preoccupied for his new television series, Hand in Hand. Likewise, he is too busy in providing help to those who have less in life. According to him, this is actually a family tradition that he wants to continue during his entire lifetime. Career wise, he remains to be one of the most sought after actor in the Philippines today. Aside from this, Piolo wants to make drastic changes in the lives of other people by trusting and loving God with all their heart and soul.

Whoever would be this lucky girl that Piolo Pascual is destined to be with, there is no doubt that love, respect and trust will be a part of their lasting union through the years.

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