The ultra dynamic realms of cyberspace is never safe from those devilish hackers who are intentionally giving technological innovations a hard time. As expected, multi-billion dollar companies like Sony are not exempted from being hacked without apparent reasons. In fact, its latest victim was their very own PlayStation Network. When this heartbreaking news had occurred, it gravely suffered a devastating setback by having an offline status.

Although this marvelous powerhouse of creative and sophisticated games alongside with its gyrating television shows were allegedly running when it was hacked, millions of visitors from any part of the world had kept on seeing an advisory which said, Page Not Found. On the part of Sony, they are now closely investigating this highly controversial issue without any sign of retreat. Again, the same group which hacked XBox Live a few weeks back had made itself a culprit without any sign of remorse. It had allegedly sent vulgar tweets which say, PSN Login #offline #LizardSquad.

The Play Station Network of Sony was hacked.

The Play Station Network of Sony was hacked.

The PlayStation Network of Sony was attacked by the alleged Lizard Squad in just a matter of weeks, after it had momentously celebrated the 20th natal day of PlayStation game consoles. In other developments, Have you ever imagined that this unmatched firm in the world has a truly incredible movie studio, which was in the same way hacked last November? There was a cache which had 100 terabytes that was hacked and the perpetrators were able to steal the company’s internal files. These have included the various passwords of their loyal customers, the Social Security Numbers of its employees and the likes. More so, the private contract of the firm between popular celebrities were secretly taken away from them. In addition, quite a number of the company’s movies were stolen by those lethal cyber hackers in no time. To name a few, we have Annie’s, Mr. Turner and To Write Love On Her Arms were leaked too. Along this juncture, this hacking spree against Sony was somehow blamed on the North Korean government because of their retaliation for an upcoming motion picture, The Interview. This is a story about an assassination attempt against its autocratic President Kim Jong Un. This was immediately denied by those in authority.

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