Client-server media player outfit Plex has partnered with Amazon to launch Plex Cloud

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Collaborations – whether it comes with a potential to be epic, or just two names with one goal – is a grandeur most of us would like to have. From apparel to Smart devices, partnerships are forged for the sole purpose to create a single product in hopes that it could bring something new to the table.

Take Plex (Media Server that allows you to access all your media files on all your devices) for example. The client-server media player outfit recently shook hands with e-commerce giant Amazon to launch Plex Cloud. Think of it as a big brother of the Plex Media Server that brings along a bunch of benefits. For instance, Plex Cloud, or the “hardware-free” effort of both companies, will shelf the traditional always-on PC, Mac or network-attached storage devices for you to enjoy Plex’s services. Instead, it will utilize the power of the cloud for users to watch TV shows, movies that they have collected, or even those that they have recorded, on the go.

It’s a step forward for Plex and their customers, if we take convenience and direct accessibility to stride. For one, it eliminates the hassle of having to go fetch and turn on bulky computers and other hardware just to enjoy their services. Second, there’s no need to worry about power outages, intermittent data connection or having your storage capacity reach its limits; with Plex Cloud, everything is within reach, minus the hardware.

Various sources are also saying that the innovation is user-friendly, up to the point that installation can be done with just a click of a button. Also, most, if not all of Plex’s Media Server features are already embedded in the Cloud, which includes their awesome transcoding ability. Users will only need to do one thing, basically: load their stored files on Amazon Cloud Drive and access them via Plex app. It’s that easy, it’s that simple.

Price wise, the Plex Cloud will cost $59.99 as payment for a year’s subscription on Amazon Cloud Drive (unlimited storage), plus another $5 per month for Plex Pass. Users can also opt to go for $40 per year, or go all out for a lifetime subscription fee of $150. If Amazon isn’t your thing, Plex is assuring that they will continue to explore other cloud support companies in the future.

It’s a done deal for most people. Despite the charges, Plex Cloud, is a one shot must-have for those who want their value for money and access their services anytime, anywhere.

Currently, Plex Cloud is invite-only, but those with existing Plex Pass subscribers can head on over to their website and signup for a glimpse.

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