The delectable and mouthwatering Filipino cuisines are the most popular treasures of Philippine culture. In fact, hundreds of thousands of globetrotters around the world are craving for these hard to find dishes whenever they visit the country for a most rewarding vacation of a lifetime. However, in the case of two budding Polish bloggers, they seem to have another not so good personal characterization of Pinoy dishes. Agnes and Cez, who are both having a grand time here in the Philippines had honestly commented about some of the most sought after Filipino food that they have tried. According to them, most Pinoy dishes are overloaded with sugars and salts.


These Polish bloggers have commented about Filipino cuisines.

These savvy bloggers have given their controversial article the title “I Would Rather Go Hungry Than Eat Filipino Street Food Again”. Consequently, this started a firestorm in cyberspace causing anger to rise specially with Filipinos’. At first, it was presumed as an insult to injury by sensitive Filipinos but thanks to the hash tag which says, #PinprickedPinoyPride), it has somehow calmed the furious mood of some Pinoys who have deep-rooted attachments to their respective customs, food and identity. On the other hand, Manila tour guide Carlos Celdran has bluntly regarded Agnes as a “silly and ignorant traveler”. He further added:

at the end of the day, unless we do something about uplifting the masses, poverty will always be the defining force of Philippine cuisine. Period.”

Also, an American blogger who has lived in the Philippines for about a year said.

intentionally trying to antagonize Filipino people in order to bring attention to (their) blog.”


In the defense for their sarcastic opinion, Cez has issued these statements and told Yahoo in a private message:

β€œThe article attracted much more attention than it should already, and we do not want to further escalate it. What we have written is true and resembles our personal opinions based on our own experiences. It’s written solely about food, and our view is that people over-react and look for implied meanings where there’s none.”

In an objective analysis, these Polish bloggers should learn how to use the right choice of words in their blog to be more professional. Lastly, we should always have in mind that although blogs nowadays are the most unique ways to express one’s self, the paramount consideration and respect for others should still prevail. Creating sarcastic write-ups just to gain hundreds of web traffic is disrespectful and should not be imitated.

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