Sleep is an essential factor in the mental development of humans. However, there is a recent scientific study that said that poor sleeping habits in men are the culprits as to why there could be a major decrease in the mental alertness specially in those men who are working as executives. The said scientific study has made use of at least 3.000 men who belonged to an average age bracket of 76 years old. These subjects all came from six different locations in the United States. As far as the respondents’ sleep data is concerned, the brilliant pioneers of the said experiment had accurately made used of a wrist device for an approximate period of almost 5 nights.

Having developed poor habits mean less efficiency at wok.

Having developed poor habits mean less efficiency at wok.

In this regard, researchers have found out that there performance at work is gravely affected most specially in performing those crucial executive functions. As a result, the productivity rate of companies are almost significantly decreased by 50 percent. However, the mental skills of these high profile people are not affected, though. According to Terri Blackwell,

It was the quality of sleep that predicted future cognitive decline in this study, not the quantity.

He is the lead statistician at the at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute in San Francisco. Accordingly, Blackwell also said.

With the rate of [mental] impairment increasing and the high prevalence of sleep problems in the elderly, it is important to determine prospective associations with sleep and cognitive decline.

In conclusion, there is no further correlation as how sleeping habits in men, severely affect the work efficiency in men. However, the triggering factors of the latter must be determined in the not so distant future.

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