The Catholic Church is dead set to have the most jovial celebration on earth, as Pope Francis is set to visit the Philippines in January 2015. His noble mission is to provide spiritual comfort to the victims of typhoon Yolanda. However, the pertinent details of the trip remain to be undisclosed. More so, Archbishop Tagle said that the amiable Pope wants to evangelize the Asian hemisphere and that luckily includes the native land of the Filipinos.

Pope Francis will visit the Philippines in January 2015.

Pope Francis will visit the Philippines in January 2015.

The Blessed Pontiff further pointed that although the Christian population is small, its relatively significant. Thus, of all the calamities which have suffered and lovingly endured by the Filipinos Pope Francis wants to show his deepest and utmost concern to all its helpless victims. This was according to Socrates Villegas, the current head of the Catholic Bishops Conference. Most importantly, Villegas said.

Pope Francis comes to revive our drooping spirit and to lead us to greener pastures.

In case you did not know, Pope Francis is the fourth highest official of the Roman Catholic Church to personally drop by a Third World country like the Philippines. Next month, Pope Fancis will visit South Korea.

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