The innovative and stylish Samsung Galaxy S5, will soon have its most glamorous launching in the Philippines on April 11, 2014. As a result, the two leading telecom firms in the country are all set to introduce their most affordable postpaid plans which are exclusively meant for this newest craze in mobile phones today. To begin with, the Samsung Galaxy S5 which was manufactured in Korea is free under Smart Communications’ Unli Surf Plan 999 with a monthly payout fee of Php 800 for two years. Also, it is already considered as a freebie under Unli Surf Plan 2000, with no monthly fee.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5’s postpaid plans will be out very soon.

On the other hand, Globe Telecom’s subscription rates are much more expensive as compared to its last year’s pricing but it gives utmost flexibility. Also, Globe Telecom has made their Samsung Galaxy S5 more appealing to Facebook addicts. Simply because, the said application can be accessed for free with no hassles or inconveniences starting April 25. As far as the other options are concerned, Globe Telecom’s Galaxy S5 can be availed for free if you are going to choose their subscription plan with a hefty monthly payment of P 1,799.

Under the said plan, every Globe subscriber can enjoy these advantages: It has 25 minutes of calls, 5 GB of 3G/LTE data and 500 text messages to all networks. In the case of Smart Communications, their latest package of Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with the following features: 9 minutes of calls, 99 text messages, and unlimited 3GLTE data.

Whatever plan you may choose, one thing is certain. The moment that Samsung Galaxy S5 catches your fancy this April, your fast-paced lifestyle will never be the same again.

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