The Amazing Power of Positive Thinking

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A human is such an awesome and powerful creation of God  that can make anything possible. It is the most prolific and unique gift of the Almighty to each and everyone of us, which has to be effectively utilized especially in the most trying times of our existential nature . In relation to this, our new and interesting website will gladly share and impart to you the most enduring and impressive capability of our diverse cognition to make things happen no matter how impossible your ardent desires are. This is simply made possible through the creative and catalytic power of Positive Thinking.

First and foremost, the art of positive thinking has emanated from the science of the so-called “positive psychology”. The latter is the newest component of positive  psychology which mainly focuses on the varying ways and means to make our lives prosperous and healthy at the same time.  In other words, positive psychology is the ultimate fount of happiness that money cannot buy.  According to Martin Seligman and Mihaly Csikszentmihalvi, it is the basic foundation of human understanding which excellently fosters several types of interventions that will undoubtedly create  dynamic and motivated people, families and even communities in today’s modern world.  Generally, the prominent subject matters under the umbrella of positive psychology are as follows:  The strengthening of human character his or her virtues, happiness, mindfulness, optimism and even his or her helplessness.  Going back to positive thinking,  it is simply, defined as the positive attitude in dealing with our everyday challenges in this thing called “Life”.  On the contrary, this particular scientific approach does not allow us to stay away from those not so good circumstances in our colorful journey here on earth. Instead, we should learn how to deal with these inevitable situations through our ability and wisdom to see the positive benefits of these trials  to make us even  stronger and try to have a new set of fresh perspectives by means of those individuals who  are be spiritually described as the “heaven sent angels of the Almighty”.  Most importantly,positive thinking merely teaches us to have the most wonderful prototype of our “real selves” prior to our physical and psychological developments. Likewise, this very engrossing cognitive integral in humans will perfectly develop and eventually enhance their  decision making skills, spiritual growth and nourishment and the likes.

Positive Thinking

Along this line, positive thinking is dependent upon two essential factors: These are  your self- explanatory skills in expounding a certain event through the application of a cause and effect relationship;  and the wisdom to regard unfortunate scenarios in life as only temporary and fleeting.  In the succeeding sections, why do humans need to become positive thinkers? Here are its magnificent and lasting benefits to our overall being.

Why Is Positive Thinking Essential?

Based on a best-selling book entitled “The Secret”, positive thinking is just an empirical theory. But, health experts have perceived this human trait in a different light.  To date, this amazing cognitive mechanism overwhelmingly promotes its  enormous health advantages which are medically studied and proven in the recent years.  In fact,  Mayo Clinic has enumerated the different health advantages of positive thinking. Some of these are:

  • It provides humans with a longer life span
  • Positive thinking tremendously decreases the incidence of depression
  • Assists the immune system in combating colds
  • Prevents cardiovascular illnesses and mortalities
  • Improves your overall psychological well-being
  • Enhances your self-esteem

How To Become a Positive Thinker

Since most of us were not born as positive thinkers,  below are the best techniques to become one. Read on.
Learn how to focus on what  you are thinking. Here, the creative and in-depth analysis of your thoughts are very crucial. This only means that if you are in a do or die situation, NEVER DARE TO BLAME OTHERS, MOST ESPECIALLY YOURSELF.  On the contrary, assess what seems  to be the triggering factors behind your pessimistic attitude. Next, try to balance real situations and yourself too. Moreover, make sure that you have positively identified the aspect of your life that is often preoccupied by negativism. After which, try to modify them little by little.  Similarly, avoid having a self-talk that is irrationally filled with negative polarities. Divert your thoughts on how to overcome the challenges in your favor.

To sum up, positive thinking deals with a proactive and doable approach rather than spending time on your inadequacies to address those  life’s conflicts in a more inappropriate way,  which can totally endanger your self-esteem and self actualization.  To expound,  if you are not willing to accept the bitter things in life chances are you would be experiencing extreme difficulties in making yourself , the best of who you are and what you should be. Therefore, in order to be a certified positive thinker always have in mind that God is eternally there for you to make your life worth living and spiritually gratified without  reservations.

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