Each one of us has passionately desired to become a millionaire in the not so distant future, to be finally alleviated from the horrific bondage of poverty and other financial problems which beset us every moment of our lives. Of course, we cannot disregard the fact that there are lots of ways to achieve the summit of financial freedom. One of which, is the exciting and globally anticipated Powerball Lottery in West Virginia, which has a total of pot of $ 178 million which is specially meant for those hopeless and even career-oriented professionals who are longing to live like a king or queen who can literally buy everything that they can ever imagine. Meanwhile, the Mega Million category of the famous Powerball Lottery has a cash prize of $ 321 million in today’s grand jackpot.

Powerball Lottery Winner

This very lucky man who won in the Powerball Lottery is one of the many few who says lotteries are real.

Nikki Orcutt, the Managing Director of the said much sought after US lottery, has said that those awesome and huge prize money has enticed many bettors to play this game without expecting so much in return.

Starting jackpots of $20 and $40 million just isn’t enough to get people’s attention any more. We’ve set the bar pretty high with these record jackpot amounts.

However, Orcutt has evidently noted that it is very unfortunate that no matter how high the cash pots are the odds of luck and winning are just the same in terms of momentum and its game of probability. Therefore, there is some sort of a jackpot fatigue. This only means to say, that a specific prize pot is not convincing enough to make people try their luck in this kind of lottery. To further explain, he has this to say.

What we typically find is, if you were going to spent $5 to play Powerball, you would see players typically starting to split their play. We don’t’ necessarily see a huge increase in sales for either one of the games. We see people splitting their discretionary dollars to play either one of the games depending on which one entices them.

What is the Powerball Lottery all about? Actually, this is an American type of lottery which is a shared game type by almost 45 lotteries. As a whole, it is coordinated by the Multi- State Lottery Association. Over the years, it has modified its estimated jackpot cash prize to $ 40 million on an annual basis. Thus, it could also have a nine-figure cash prize depending on many factors and legal considerations so to speak. Generally, the main rule of this lottery is to roll over the jackpot until such time when the right combinations are accurately matched. Historically, the highest jackpot prize which was given by Powerball Lottery is estimated at $590,500,000 which belonged to a ticket owner in Florida. Now, would you ever miss this once in a lifetime chance to become like Bill Gates?

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