Time and again, good food has to be a part of simple or active lifestyles. These will make us not only beautiful but also nourished inside and out. But of course, one best of in doing these remarkable benefits is to make use of these effective and easy to do pest-free methods in your garden that will surely be of great advantage to you and your family. Actually, there are only 4 not so difficult ways on how to keep your garden free from these unwanted things in your blissful sanctuary at home. These are the following:

This is a classic example of a pest-free garden.

This is a classic example of a pest-free garden.

4 Effective Ways on How to Have a Pest-Free Garden

Below, are the time-tested methods on how to have a pest-free garden. These are not literally expensive in everything. All you need to muster, is just lots of those scientific approaches and creativity within you. Without so much more to say, here they are in a rundown.

  1. Put some marigolds.- It is because they emit some unpleasant odors that these pests cannot stand. Start planting them around the perimeter of your garden.
  2. Buy some ladybugs.- It is much better if you are going to buy only what you need in the meantime.
  3. Think and create some homemade pest control formulas.- A clear-cut example of this, is the Himalayan salt and a mixture of warm water. This is an effective treatment for spider mites in your garden.
  4. Try to hang a bat house.- Bats can eat lots or should we say, thousands of insects in just a single day. Thus, if you are going to follow this step make sure that it is 15 feet from ground level. Lastly, situate this cute house wherein it will abundantly receive an adequate amount of sunlight for about six hours a day.

These 4 amazing pest-free methods for your garden will bring about a healthier and cleaner environment, that can be exceptionally translated to a healthy and happy overall-well-being.

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