Survival is the ultimate reason why we eat, drink and sleep each day. Each one of us is doing our best to achieve this, the best way that we can. One of the most essential things to know about this is the how are we going to deal with a water shortage if this alarming global scenario would horrifyingly happen in the years ahead? Interestingly, this very informative article will gladly reveal these easy and effective water storage tips to help us survive most specially when the time comes that water is nowhere to be found anywhere you go.

Water is essential for human survival.

Water is essential for human survival.

Prior to the main discourse of this write up, we must be aware of the fact that a water shortage occurs when there are damaged water pipes due to earthquakes, storms and other calamities which come along our way. Of course, let us not disregard the vicious problem of soil erosion. According to scientific findings, humans are not capable of surviving without water for three consecutive days. Therefore, these water storage tips must be shared with everyone across the globe. Let us now get into the basics of today’s article. In case of a water storage, the very first thing that should come to our minds is to shut down the valve. This efficient way in water saving will isolate your precious water into your pipes. Store water as well in your sinks and bathtubs. Likewise, there is need for us to buy some affordable rainwater barrels as part of these practical and convenient water saving tips for all of us. After which, try to collect some rainwater for your other personal needs.

The next best thing for us to save water is to accurately estimate your water needs by dividing the total number of gallons used on the current month’s water bill by the total number of people living in the household. However, you have to make your drinking water as potable as possible. To date, you must make use of the soon to be popular gravity-fed activated-charcoal water-filtration system. Hence, you must also consider to have water filters to get rid of heavy metals, viruses and other contaminants. Also, you have to boil your water for three to five minutes everyday. However, the boiling time must be increased if you are residing in high altitudes. Just a little trivia. Did you know that your mineral water can last for five years? Meanwhile, your other stored water at home must be ideally changed on a yearly basis. But be sure that all your containers are rust-proof. Best of all, you must not expose your water to direct sunlight to prevent algae growth. These easy to grasp water storage tips will remarkably ensure that you and your family are one of the most astonishing survivors in the world.

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