President Benigno Aquino has said last Monday, that even though the tourism industry is one of the biggest economic growth contributors in the Philippines, he has warned everyone against the dreaded effects of climate change. As a result, he earnestly urged the people from across the globe to strongly create a united front most specially in the government sector.

President Aquino urges everyone to post a united front against climate change.

President Aquino urges everyone to post a united front against climate change.

In his keynote speech, Aquino said.

If we do not tackle it head on, this ‘new normal’ brought about by climate change will be here to stay and we will be forced to make unfair choices between disaster risk management and development.

This was his moving statement during the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s ASEAN International Conference on Tourism and Climate Change which was held in Legazpi City, Philippines. In connection with his concern regarding the worsening effects of climate change, he said that we must be literally cautious of the irreversible effects of this very alarming environmental concern. Among these are: Rising temperatures, inadequate food supplies and the likes.

To wrap up, President Aquino has this to say.

[W]e must start taking action now. Taking on the challenge of climate change requires international effort, with every government revisiting how it takes climate change into account.

Similarly, he further said.

The tourism sector is deeply concerned with the evolving demands of the new normal.

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