The grassroots of Philippine Tourism have flawlessly taken its course, to further promote the rich cultural identity of its people and social ideology. Surprisingly, the emergence of several museums in the country has excellently provided limitless opportunities to fruitfully explore and utilize the gratifying intellectual benefits of visiting these historical repositories most particularly in Cagayan De Oro.

CDO takes pride in presenting to the world one of its famous tourist attractions which is publicly known as the Cagayan De Oro Museum. As an overview, the City Museum of Cagayan De Oro was primarily managed by the City Government of this prestigious archive of the most productive provinces in the Visayas.

This museum in Cagayan de Oro features the province's traditions and culture.

This museum in Cagayan de Oro features the province’s traditions and culture.

Geographically, it is conveniently located somewhere in a water tower which was built in the year 1922. Also, it can be easily searched for by first time travelers to Cagayan De Oro beside the sprawling Archbishop Palace, just in front of the equally-famous Gaston Park. In those early years, he water tower had been an idle structure since it was initially constructed in 1922.

Incidentally, this gigantic structure of this museum had served as a reservoir of an old municipality of Cagayan de Misamis in those early days of social progress and development. For several years, the dynamic former city mayor of Cagayan De Oro had thought of a very brilliant idea in making their province one of the interesting points of interests in terms of its different ecotourism advocacies. Through the selfless efforts of their former mayor in the person of the Honorable Constantino Jaraula, he had swiftly made this city into a remarkable and influential province of all time.

Accordingly, the said illustrious tourist spot of CDO will tremendously provide a wide array of information about the colorful and changing history of Cagayan De Oro. As universally defined, any museum aptly suits its timeless function to care and preserve those priceless artifacts of the Philippines which proudly possess the artistic, scientific and cultural values of its people; that can never be changed nor replicated after thousands of centuries. For example, the indelible traces of history that were left behind by those loving tribes of the Kagay-anons were in reality the best pieces of artifacts that only the City Museum of Cagayan De Oro can ever have.

Needless to say, this very interesting place can be undisputedly referred to as the superlative kind of time machine which excitingly brings everyone to a very mesmerizing journey towards the glorious past of CDO without the need to exert much effort in terms of promoting the unforgettable chronicles of Cagayan De Oro, for the benefit of today’s cyberspace generation.

Likewise, the extremely flexible and adaptive applications of Philippine History through the pivotal influences of CDO City Museum is really something that everyone should never fail to realize, after having visited this archive of national pride. Overall, it was amazingly described as a paramount “heritage structure over all existing cultural heritages”. It was mainly because of its unusual architectural framework that had been creatively patterned after the unique shape of a water tank.

However, the museum had bitterly experienced devastating blows of Mother Nature. On September of 1944, the former water tower which is now a lavish city museum had strongly defended itself from the deadly and unexpected aerial bombings in the town during the darkest years of American Occupation. As years passed, it is duly recognized as the most antiquated public structure across the streaming territorial realms of Cagayan De Oro since time immemorial. Along this line, no one has ever thought about the brilliant idea that this tourist destination would eventually become a finest resemblance of a cultural treasure, after almost 95 years of formidable existence.

Some of the bejeweled treasures of CDO City Museum.

Some of the bejeweled treasures of CDO City Museum.

In fact, its huge collections mostly came from another world-class point of interest which is no other than but the Malasag Museum. Apart from these impressive characterizations of the City Museum in Cagayan De Oro, the present structure has been built with burning passion and sheer determination. Therefore, time has sweetly tested its overpowering tenacity. In turn, it has beautifully transcended into an unparalled enigma of global pride and architectural excellence for Cagayan De Oro both in any aspect of culture and the arte.


If you are going to this much sought after piece of historical milestone of the Philippines, you would probably have the once in a lifetime chance to witness without any exaggeration the incomprehensible feeling of artistic gratification the moment you have finally entered the ostentatious portals of CDO City Museum.

Architecturally, this museum has three storeys. In its first floor, you will be definitely caught by surprise if you happen to see the different photographs of its goal driven city leaders; prior to its momentous declaration as an official city of the Visayas. These nostalgic pictures humbly started from the incumbency of ex-Mayor Pablo Magtajas. Just to give everyone a brief overview, this man of few words had continuously steered the city to a route of immeasurable progress and development. In addition, there are also photos about the first-ever radio company which was put up somewhere in Northern Mindanao.

There is also a Filipiniana gown which was beautifully tailored by then Congresswoman Benedicta Roa. Moreover, the first storey was named as Rosario and Ramon Chaves Galleries respectively. It is primarily made possible because of their most cherished contributions in spearheading the renovations and other monumental developments of the CDO City Museum.

Similarly, there are old images of cars which genuinely served as lasting souvenirs of an unperturbed social revolution in the tranquil and friendly city of Cagayan De Oro. Unbelievably, the notable writing instrument that was used by former Philippine president Elpidio Quirino in signing Republic Act No. 521 which paved the way for the significant metamorphosis of Cagayan De Oro into a magnificent city province on the 15th day of June 1950 was proudly kept inside the museum.

Eager spectators of the City Museum Cagayan De Oro will also be too delighted in discovering that there are various political and archeological bits of information which are carefully displayed inside the museum, to constantly remind the youngsters of today that Cagayan De Oro has undoubtedly gone a long, long way, when it comes to its outrageous chrysalis as a key prime mover towards an unequalled replica of eco-tourism and socio-economic progress.

Last but not the least, the last deck of this endearing museum houses many and diverse historical artifacts which have been meticulously preserved with utmost love and care for decades. Unlike other known repositories in the Philippines, those things which have been extravagantly displayed there can be touched and felt by its visitors with all their heart and soul.

One of them is memorably referred as the /em>Bishop’s Chair. This was an integral part of the infamous cathedral in the alluring province of Cagayan De Oro. For everyone’s benefit, this particular article inside the museum had been used by those genial Kagay-anons. Conversely, there are wide varieties of awesome paintings and never before seen sculptures which have extraordinarily made sense to the enigmatic epitome of a well-endowed tourist attraction such as this one.

Opening Hours and Rates of Admission

The City Museum of Cagayan De Oro is gladly opened to all from Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 A.M. till 5:00 P.M. only.

Indeed, there is so much more to discover and see in the captivating City of Cagayan De Oro that will bring forth a totally different hype especially when you are in avenue of an eternal architectural grandiosity, alongside with an unspoken word of intellectual creativity that only the City Museum of Cagayan De Oro can perfectly provide, with inexpressible ardor as well as the highest levels ultimate pleasure for each and every sovereign Filipino who will constantly reminisce the revolutionizing manifolds of Philippine history.


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