It is so much more unusual and amazing to watch that our amiable puppies at home are not just our best friends but they are also the newest sports icon in the history of international competition. Surprisingly, these dependable and cute creations of God are being given the best forms of global exposures that can never be replicated by anybody as it is being widely recognized and promoted, by the prestigious alliance of “The Animal Planet”. Since then, the Puppy Bowl X 2014 had begun to show their long lasting agility and endurance by having a spectacular back-to-back performance with the National Football League’s XLVIII which will start at 3 P.M., Eastern Standard Time on the 2nd day of February 2014. In addition, the much-anticipated duel of these tenacious dogs will be slated just before the equally-ravaging clash between Seattle Hawks and their staunch rival Denver Broncos.

Dogs in NFL

These cute and unbelievable dogs have proven themselves on a different level as NFL’s newest football sensation.

Furthermore, the annual sports fest of Puppy Bowl X 2014 had been thrillingly witnessed by almost 12.4 spectators as of last year. Therefore, the hosts and generous sponsors of this very momentous sports event had come up with a more brilliant and unrivaled idea to do lots of enhancements as compared to the equally popular stint of Pro Football; which had tremendously adopted the so-called “fantasy football methodology” so as make the rugged and adrenalin-pumping world of sports more prolific than ever before. Meanwhile, avid aficionados of the mind enriching show, “The Animal Planet” have positively perceived this impressive animal fiasco as an extremely serious business to date. Incidentally, the famous Dan Schachner has dubbed this engrossing contest as something that is “impeccably serious” when it comes to its own share of active viewership.

Truly, the Puppy Bowl X 2014 is one of the most magnificent football rivalries that man has ever conceived. Who knows, there might be another event that would soon welcome those gentle kittens as the National Basketball Association’s “Most Wanted Queens” of the Hard Court? Only time can tell. After all, innovation is an invincible integral of world-class recognition. Do you agree?


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