Puppy Love Budweiser’s Latest Ad in Super Bowl

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The game for unparalleled and remarkable quest for excellence is so much inspiring if you have a kind of promotional ad that sensitively evokes a feeling of love and compassion not between two loving and distinct people of opposite worlds; but of two adorable animals which seemed to be the most prolific educators of peace, genuine friendship and happiness in this thing called “Life”. The Puppy Love ad had heartwarmingly captivated the hearts of Super Bowl’s millions of viewers when they saw Puppy Love of Budweiser and the equally-unforgettable Clydesdales while selling the most refreshing beer in the world since it was first discovered. As a result, this amazing and one-of-a-kind sports ad has been unanimously declared as the “The Best Ad of USA Today’s Annual Super Bowl Ad Meter of 2014”. Thus, many viewers of Super Bowl had reiterated time and again that is not really a big deal if it was just aired for only two minutes prior to the much anticipated culmination of an adrenalin-pumping football game between dogs.

Budweiser Ads

Puppy Love of Budweiser’s latest beer model for their latest beer commercial.

In essence, the sensational Puppy Love of Budweiser’s newly-launched commercial talks about a gentle-mannered pup that was gladly adopted and welcomed by a Good Samaritan but for some obvious reason it keeps on coming back to the cradling heart of an amiable horse. Incidentally, this particular funny but cute commercial was able to garner a total of 6,272 online audience voters according to USA Today. Moreover, the Puppy Love of Budweiser’s football gap ad was already aired online ; afterwards, it had become one of the most well-loved pre-game football commercials in the history of the United States. Comparatively speaking, the famous and widely read broadsheet of New York Times has this to say. Unlike in other recent years when many of the ads were edgy, “most of the commercials that Fox broadcast nationally during Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday sought to invoke fuzzy feelings that would warm the cockles of consumer hearts, if not MetLife Stadium. The television and social media audiences were exhorted repeatedly to forget their troubles and put on a smiley face.”

Perhaps, it is no longer surprising to see that in the not so distant future that all television and live sports commercials will be lovingly dominated by these intelligent and persevering animals just like Puppy Love of Budweiser to make it much easier for humans to deeply understand that this world is magnificently fashioned to keep up with the changing of times; without sacrificing the sacred lives of these animals for the personal interests of those individuals, who have unfairly viewed them merely as their “sacrificial lambs” without realizing that they are God’s special masterpieces, too since the reckoning of time.


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