In the ancient history of our human existence, there are so many things that can be best described as simple and not quite amusing but have beautifully evolved into primal health advantages in these modern times. Let us take for example the trendsetting Ice Bucket Challenge. It is otherwise termed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In its definitive approach, ALS Bucket Challenge is thrilling endeavor of dumping a pail of ice water on your head.

It seems like the summer heat is here to stay, if a quivering Ice Bucket Challenge rules the world today.

It seems like the summer heat is here to stay, if a quivering Ice Bucket Challenge rules the world today.

Thus, if you do not want to do this once in a lifetime experience because of hypothermic reasons you might as well donate to the ALS Association instead. The ALS Association is based in the United States. Due to its unprecedented popularity, it became Viral in the world of cyberspace during the Northern Hemisphere Summer of 2014. Speaking of its main objectives, one of which is to dare and challenge those courageous participants to pour a bucket of water that is filled with ice on their heads. Based on historical accounts, this very rewarding challenge was previously known as the Cold Water Challenge. This was all behind the genius and creative brilliance of the Sheaves for Christ Division of the General Youth Division.

In its first ever video footage which was dated April, 26, 2014, a challenge was launched by a certain Amado Huizar. It entices millions to do the said very odd act or participants will donate an amount of $100 to the SFC mission. As far as the rules of the Ice Bucket Challenge are concerned, the participants must be able to record them-selves in a continuous footage. This particular coverage must contain the following: The unconditional acceptance of this very extraordinary challenge, the filling process of a pail with ice water, the pouring of ice cold water and lastly, the participants shall openly urge other people to do that spine-tingling act.

Here’s an exclusive video of international popstar Justin Bieber who gamely did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Among the famous celebrities who did the ALS Bucket Challenge are: Rock Superstar Jon Bon Jovi, Justin Bieber and the sultry Lady Gaga.

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