Comedian and writer Ramon Bautista has kissed and make up with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City, after the latter was declared persona non grata by the City Council of Davao in their unanimously approved resolution. In retrospect, Ramon Bautista was cordially invited by Davao City to celebrate with them the fluvial, Kadayawan Festival. When he went up onstage, he unconsciously blurted out that there were many prawns in Davao. The said sea creature was in reference to those women with sexy bodies; however, they have not been blessed with so much when it comes to their physical attributes.

Comedian Ramon Bautista and Davao's Mayor Duterte settles issue on prawn joke.

Comedian Ramon Bautista and Davao’s Mayor Duterte settles issue on prawn joke.

Seconds later his attention was called by the mayor’s son, Paulo Duterte. Upon realizing his mistake, he immediately apologized to the crowd and even posted his sincere apology on his official Instagram account. The angel in Ramon Bautista’s life was no other than Gang Badoy, the founder of RockED. Badoy and RockED will propose a construction of a park out of recycled materials. To cut the story short, somewhere along their conversation, Badoy mentioned something about Bautista by saying that if only Duterte knows him more intimately, his hilarity and company will be enjoyed by the strongman of Davao City. Then, Duterte said that Bautista was somehow fine as a man because to say sorry was not an easy thing to do.

Moments later, Gang Badoy called up Ramon and when it was overheard by Duterte he borrowed the phone and had a short talk with Bautista. Then, he was prompted by Badoy to send a short note and it writes, Long Live, Ramon. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. At last, Ramon Bautista’s efforts had paid off. In conclusion, there is something about life that he has learned the hard way. But, he faced the music bravely which makes him more than a man.

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