Dominic Newton was an American rapper from Pittsburg, California. He is better known by his stage name “The Jacka”. To his fans, he was an authentic Bay Area legend, hustling on the streets at an early age yet, he continued to depict a uncompromising life. His followers were stunned after hearing that he was murdered in East Oakland, California on Monday night.

Rapper The Jacka

Dominic Newton aka rapper The Jacka.

According to Oakland homicide Lt. Roland Holmgren, 37 years old rapper The Jacka was in a group of several people near a minivan when one or more people opened fire about 8:15 p.m. Monday. He was struck in the head and died at highland Hospital in Oakland. Many people surged toward the crime scene that extra officers had to be called in to control the crowd. They made no immediate arrests, since the motive in the slaying was not known. Investigators were also trying to determine whether the rapper was the target or was an “unintended victim”.

In a 2005 interview, rapper The Jacka said, he was the son of teenage parents and that his father was behind bars for 15 years. He acknowledged that he had been arrested for grand theft and armed robbery five years earlier, and had served time in prison. His rap name, he said, referred to his charges of carjacking. According to him, growing up poor was “really nothing because it’s a way of life, and you get used to it. Will you make it is the question”. Despite of it all, he did make it. He went solo in 2001 and released “Jacka of the Mob Figaz” that same year. He would eventually own his own label, the Artist Records.

Right after hearing the sad news, his followers quickly took to social media all their love and appreciation. Check below The Jacka “What happened to the World” : Street Album, the latest studio project from Pittsburgh Cali’s own The Jacka (of the Mob Figaz) mixed by DJ Child (Oakland, CA) of Project Groundation Massive (PGM) released on 12.02.2014 featuring Bay Area heavyweights Husalah, Joe Blow, Dru Down, Dubb20 et. al.

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