When I was still in my early twenties, I love to wear and mix different colors on my face to further enhance my unique beauty and other head turning physical endowments. Makeups make me more confident during those carefree days of my life. But as years passed, these cosmetics gave me the shock of my life when pimples start to appear on my cheeks. To prevent them from getting worse, me and my favorite sister went to a parlor to have some facial session.

A beautiful woman avoids makeup to enhance her natural aura.

A beautiful woman avoids makeup to enhance her natural aura.

On the contrary, instead of resolving this very alarming issue it turned out to be a disaster. My pimples became too many and these even caused other skin irritations. From then on, I made a wise and an irreversible decision to avoid makeup until now. Consequently my virginal face was restored to its normal glow. Along this juncture, let me share with you the simple and yet rational reasons why you should avoid makeup as well. Read on.

Your skin will graciously thank you and eventually will reward you in return if you will stop wearing these beauty enhancers as early as now. Little did we know, that these vibrant and attractive makeups contain harmful ingredients such as sodium benzoate, propylene glycol and a number of other acids which cause unwanted skin irritations with continuous use. In the same way, if you are to have makeup on your face all day it will be seeped by your skin and this will cause more blemishes than you least expect it. Logically, if you will avoid makeup you will have more time in doing other important tasks before you go to work or your school. Best of all, you will develop a positive attitude in accepting your physical imperfections wholeheartedly. Although it would be too ironic, accept your blemishes as specialties.

Moreover, if you will do way with your makeup rituals you will be more be at peace with your-self. In fact, these famous people had their stunning catwalks without these fancies. Among them are: Cate Blanchett, Monica Bellucci, Eva Herzigova, Jessica Simpson. In other words, do not allow other people to judge you by the way you look. Flaunt your natural beauty in a manner that you are comfortable with. Never fail to appreciate the way you look to unleash your immeasurable self-esteem. Keep in mind that personality development is not all about how excellent you are in applying makeups. It’s the way you carry your-self.

Most importantly, you will begin to appreciate the REAL YOU unconditionally. Simply, attune your-self to this word of wisdom. Embracing your natural look is the foundation of a life rooted in simplicity and in harmony with yourself. Give your natural beauty a chance to shine on its own. You should avoid makeup regardless of the newest trends and traditional social conventions.

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