The Unperturbed Rationality of Parapsychology

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Human rationality is a universal conceptual framework which highly regards objectivity, fairness and what psychologists commonly allude to as the qualitative analysis of those encompassing and homogeneous characteristics of a given scientific theory. This primal requisite will eventually lead to an uncontested revelation of scientific facts, which had critically undergone several laboratory experiments to establish an irreversible point of contention. In turn, it can be further employed in a specific endeavor over the years. Along this line, the dividing wall between the unperturbed rationality of parapsychology and science seems to have not fruitfully reconciled their respective black and white generalities for over a thousand years now. Therefore, this write up will present to you the unraveling peculiarities of parapsychology of which should not be in any way treated as a “world of total absurdity” without remarkable justifications.

The unperturbed rationality of parapsychology is incomprehensible, which strongly defies an invincible human cognition.

The unperturbed rationality of parapsychology is incomprehensible, which strongly defies an invincible human cognition.

What is an Unperturbed Rationality of Parapsychology?

Generally, the phrase unperturbed rationality simply means the characterizing component of a given theory that literally sets it a part from any hypothetical statement which has to be flawlessly proven without a shadow of doubt. In relation to the subject matter in focus, an unperturbed rationality of parapsychology in one way or another has clearly stated its case beyond human cognition. For instance, how can a person be in two different places at the same time; when his or physical body is doing something else? In the mystical parlance of parapsychology, practitioners call this as the process of “bilocation”.

Simply, bilocation makes use of an astral cord which serves as the the unseen conduit between two dynamic components of the human body. These are the physical body and spirit respectively. Likewise, this cord is so strong that it can bring a teleportee from his point of origin and his supposedly final destination all at the same time. Historically, there are many well-documented accounts of bilocation. First, is the story of Edward Cayce. He is a notable and pioneering persona in the field of parapsychology. Among the greatest and undisputed paranormal feats of his are the following: Telepathic ability and astral projection.

On the other hand, the first “Stigmatic Priest” of the Roman Catholic Church whose name is Padre Pio can also do another incredible supernatural ability which is commonly dubbed as the prolific and moving interpretation of dreams. In fact, you can ask him anything under the sun when it comes to your predicament, emotional baggage and those baseless dilemmas about your very own spirituality. With all of these unthinkable paranormal liaisons, the underlying truths to this pseudoscience are superbly the holistic backbones of a so-called unperturbed rationality of parapsychology.

In closing, the unperturbed rationality of parapsychology must also be subjected to a very formidable foundation of critical evaluations by using a more accurate gauge of reliability such as the actual performance of any ritual in particular. However, many advocates of this pseudoscience will not put their best foot forward for some obvious reason of which only these “chosen ones” perfectly know about.


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