Former action star turned dramatic actor, Raymart Santiago has vehemently denied Claudine Barretto’s allegations that she is a battered wife during her marriage with her estranged husband. According to Raymart, those alleged wounds were all from Claudine’s post surgery no more, no less. In fact, Santiago’s camp has sent some copies of those photos wherein Barretto’s face were covered with a bandage most specially on her face. Those photos were taken in 2010, during the Lenten Season.

Raymart Santiago rebutts that Claudine has never been a battered wife.

Raymart Santiago rebutts that Claudine has never been a battered wife.

On the other hand, some of these controversial photos have clearly shown that Barretto was having a good time with the Santiago clan although her face was covered with a surgical bondage. More so, Raymart’s fence has strongly claimed that

Here is a truthful version of the recent Twitter post of a make-up tutorial to conceal bruises, perhaps even wounds and scars, with the allusion of the subject having been battered.


The wounds and scars are definitely real, but how they were sustained is a different story altogether

In the same manner, Raymart has attacked the Magical Makeup Tweets of his ex-wife’s lawyer Atty. Ferdinand Topacio. He even taunted the step-by step explanation of Atty. Topacio. This pertains as to how a concealer was able to hide the alleged bruisers of his client, Claudine Barretto. Again, Santiago further emphasized that these photographs were taken before his former wife’s appearance on a showbiz talk show over GMA-7in 2010. He even challenged Claudine to reveal the infallible truth behind all these alleged physical injuries.

The never ending saga of word war between Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto is indeed nowhere to go, if they will not be able to thresh out their personal differences between them-selves. Whoever between these two warring camps are telling the truth, should aim for his or her quest for justice so that the phrase No one is above the law will always prevail regardless of who you are in this continuously evolving society. Let no showbiz fanfare rule their marital woes and emotional baggages. After all, Claudine and Raymart once knew that the power of love has mysteriously made its way to make them what they were before.

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