A colorful and creative ad should always live up to the expectations of millions, who have closely associated them-selves with those products which have been widely known because of their effectiveness and nutritional benefits; if these commodities are health related in its strictest sense. Recently, the multi-billion beverage firm Red Bull had agreed to pay a huge sum of $13 million after it had made a bogus ad which has something to do with the eye-catching phrase which says that it gives you wings to fly. Although this statement might be a figurative expression, there seems to be an advertising dilemma as far as the company is concerned. As a result, the colossal beverage factory has decided to settle this commercial issue once and for all.

Red Bull has lost $13 million for its bogus ad that says it can give you wings.

Red Bull has lost $13 million for its bogus ad that says it can give you wings.

Therefore, they have agreed to pay the aforementioned amount in response to the class action lawsuit which was filed by a disappointed customer who further stated that the promotional strategy which had been used by Red Bull was full of deception, with an attempt to misled the consumers. Thus, they would make it appear that this energy drink can really provide the energy and stamina to withstand the pressures of everyday life. Insofar as the complaint was concerned, it had clearly stated that,

The defendant’s prodigious advertising marketing and promotional spending has been used to mislead customers into believing that Red Bull is a superior product worthy of a premium price and has the ability to ‘give you wings’ and provide energy and vitality.

More so, the most sensationalized complaint in the sometimes dubious field of advertising was courageously filed by Benjamin Careathers from New York. Similarly, he is a loyal consumer of the world renowned energy drink since 2002. Significant researches had revealed that this energy replenishing drink contains caffeine to keep you awake and alert most specially if there is an inevitable need for you to keep you awake anytime of the day. In case you do not have an inkling as to how many percentage of caffeine is in the product. experts had found out that there is an approximate of 80 grams for every 250 ml. On the contrary, the company was able to perfectly defend the said tricky ad by saying,

Red Bull settled this lawsuit to avoid the unpredictability and high costs of litigating in the U.S. Red Bull’s marketing has always been witty, truthful and accurate.

The amicable settlement of Red Bull in relation to the court complaint had included the following: A cash payout of $10 to any customer who had gladly purchased the product for the last 10 years. However, this reward will not be issued in monetary terms. Instead, a customer will be given a chance to have to buy those products worth $15. Additionally, the company has agreed to shoulder all legal costs amounting to 4.75 million. Along this juncture, its patrons can freely fill out the authenticated document to be included in the court settlement. Interested parties are being requested by the company to submit their application on or before May 2015. Also, the firm which officially manufactures this awesome energy drink wishes to remind everyone that only those who are living in the US are the ones who are entitled to those privileges which were included in the court settlement.

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