Marvelous and mystifying scientific breakthroughs have been widely recognized by medical experts, as one of the greatest legacies of those notable and brilliant minds who have courageously conceived some unthinkable approaches in consonance with the significant promotion of a healthy and harmonious overall well-being. Of which, is somehow tantamount to the ultimate achievement of success and a wholesome kind of physiological satisfaction. Along this impressive and holistic line of scientific contention, there seems to be a prominent branch of alternative medicine which has incredibly captivated the attention of numerous health and science buffs. This unique and astonishing curative methodology is universally known in the alternative medicine parlance as reflexology.

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology

The scientific art of reflexology has been alluded to by skeptics as a pseudoscience, because it mainly involves the careful application of relative pressures to the different parts of the body such as a person’s feet, head and hands, which are believed to possess specific meridian points that would allegedly alleviate most common ailments like headache, vomiting or even dizziness. Most importantly, a certified reflexologist makes use of his or her hands without the aid of any lubricant for massage purposes.

As far as the general or universal framework of reflexology is concerned, its loyal advocates have strongly asserted that a human body is comprised of several zones which are uniquely integrated with one another; to make an individual’s overall functioning extremely balanced and harmonious with the CNS or Central Nervous System; thereby. ensuring a more productive and vigorous physical characterization. Therefore, the help of synthetic medications are totally disregarded. But, there was an accurate and documented review about this traditional mode of treatment which says, There has no solid proof which shows that this form of alternative medication can effectively cure any kind of illness. If that’s the case, where did this obscure and enormously debatable paradigm of treatment come from? Read on the succeeding paragraphs.

Brief Historical Overview

Reflexology humbly originated from Egypt, as significantly revealed by those historical writings which were mysteriously discovered in a crypt of an unknown doctor in the glorious and vast land of Saqqara. It writes, “Don’t hurt me, I shall act so you praise me”. Although it is so unclear in terms of its proportional relationship between mystifying inscription and the modern art of reflexology today, many of its practitioners are using the amazing capabilities of a person’s feet to heal the different kinds of body discomfort that allegedly beset them for so many years. However, the so-called “Zone Theory” was said to be the one and only legendary precedent of Modern Reflexology. Incidentally, it is the unmatched medical idea of Dr. William H. Fitzgerald.

Dr. Fitzgerald was earnestly prodded by his colleague by the name of Dr. Edwin Bowers, to pen some fascinating write ups about Zone Analgesia. To date, in one of the former’s most publicized articles entitled, “Relieving Pain at Home”, he categorically stated that a man’s sickness is just an erroneous mistake between his mind and body. Remarkably, his very controversial theory about Zone Analgesia had clearly elaborated the wonderful usage of pressure points in a body; which incredibly connects to a specific pain or illness. Speaking of his previous and uncontested experimental studies, this persevering “Apostle of Hippocrates” had applied some of the much needed pressure points on a tongue and the rear portion of a patient’s pharynx to exceptionally explain the underlying principles of Zone Analgesia.

To date, the experimental analysis of Zone Analgesia had perfectly employed the following medical apparatuses: Elastic and highly-flexible bands, pegs from clothes, aluminum combs, surgical clamps and nasal probes among others. In so doing, this very successful experimental study of Dr. Fitzgerald had undoubtedly concluded that employment of distinctive pressure points on a body will effectively relieve those painful attacks as well as their causative factors. Last but not the least, he was the primal proponent of a very impressive and prolific scientific chart which is more popularly referred to as as a “longitudinal body zones”.

Different Pressure Points of a Human Body

As previously mentioned, there are diverse and active pressure points in our body that is supposed to be connected to a corresponding body organ. For the sake of an actual representations of these two interrelated physiological components, the legal practitioners of reflexology have their own maps which are commonly called as “reflexology maps”. Illustratively, an impeccable example of this kind of reflexology mechanism is a foot reflexology map. To explain, each foot is a revealing prototype of the human body’s vertical section. Here are some of the vertical points in your body that you need to be familiar with. Your left foot is to your body’s left side, where your valves and other organs are found. Thus, your right foot is to those organs which are found on the right side of your body, just like your liver.

The Different Reflexology Methodologies

Reflexology treatments have scientifically adopted the extensive methodologies of both acupressure and acupuncture to unleash those energies which are untapped; thereby, making a patient more energetic and full of life no matter how hectic his schedules and activities are. On the other hand, many people have oftentimes misconstrued massage with the pseudoscience of reflexology. To clear the dividing line between these two types of alternative medicine’s modes of treatment, you have to take into consideration these major characterizations.

Massage talks about the organized manipulation of those soft human tissues through the use of the following techniques, kneading, tapping and stroking to make one’s muscles more comfortable and relaxed. On the contrary, reflexology focuses more on the techniques of micro movement of the thumb or the tickling sensation that is being brought forth by both thumb and fingers of a professional reflexologist.

Health Advantages of Reflexology

Among the proven medical advantages of reflexology are as follows:

    • It promotes memory enhancement.
    • It generates a balanced blood circulation.
    • It impeccably improves your sleeping habits.

    Indeed, the broad and innovative spectrum of alternative medicine has irrevocably metamorphosed the invincible world of improving the awesome health and wellness cycles of every human being; in a much higher level to better benefit those patients who cannot afford an exorbitant medical procedure.

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    I am a massage therapist and I believe in reflexology. This article is true.I really appreciate this information. More power!!!

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