In your long and winding journey, there lingers a point of no return no matter how you fail or succeed in those endeavors; that you have ardently desired to attain. As a popular sage always reminds us. “We may never pass this way again”. From there, how do you relive your past without being bitter with your inner-self? Of course no one would ever dare to foot his best foot forward and say, “I did not regret in my entire life”. If there would be one; then, he or she is so lucky. Simply because, if that person is going to relive his past without any sign of loneliness he will be able to achieve more in life because of these virtues.- Positive thinking, and an unwavering faith in God and thyself. Given this kind of an admirable set of attitudes, regret can never conquer one’s heart. This heartwarming blog would like to share with you a story about a person who painfully lost everything, and yet she did not ask God with so many questions. Instead, she followed His Divine will in all diligence and sincerity.

When God righteously guides your path, there is no point in your life,, where regret can set in.

When God righteously guides your path, there is no point in your life,, where regret can set in.

Leah was a beauteous executive of a well-established BPO firm here in the Philippines. She was so dedicated in her job and that she worked like a robot from sun up till sundown. One day, she had decided to undergo a medical check up because she constantly felt weak and had even lost her appetite for eating. The next morning, she went to a nearest hospital where here friend Beverly is a director. As she was about to get inside the elevator, she suddenly fainted and became unconscious. So, some nurses took the initiative to take her to the emergency room. After a series of medical tests, the medical findings finally bore out her real condition. She has an acute leukemia.

After the unfortunate news was relayed to her, she did not react violently. Although she was in terrible pain, she never showed to anyone how unbearable it was. In fact, she even managed to smile as if she was in the pink of health. In this kind of situation, the relieve your past saga meant only one best thing. Let no pain hinder us from enjoying our past. To relieve your past means that you have to make the most out of these happy and melancholic events that had taken place for as long as you live, to make you completely satisfied. After all, only God can have a full control of your being until your last stint here on earth. Lea is a perfect epitome of a woman who kept on holding on to her past not to curse or blame God; but to thank Him for giving her the chance to use those past events to her personal advantage.- As a Christian, a daughter and a friend.

She has tried her best to relieve her past with a joyful heart, to strongly inspire each one of us that our past lives must not be relived to remember our fears and anxieties. But to relive our past sacredly envisages that we have a faithful God who never left us in the dark because He too, had a sorrowful past; wherein Jesus gloriously triumphed without delay.

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