The comedy icon has gone to another dimension. But that person’s legacy will never die. Joan Rivers died at the age 81. She was born in Brooklyn New York in 1933. Her illustrious career in show business had begun in the 1950’s, she regularly performs in comedy shows in Manhattan’s downtown. For quite sometime, she had graciously joined Tony Carson in the Tonight Show. She was hired as a gag writer, and from then on the doors of international showbiz has welcomed her with open arms.

Joan Rivers, Hollywood's comedy icon has passed away at 81.

Joan Rivers, Hollywood’s comedy icon has passed away at 81.

In the 1990’s Rivers has become a red carpet’s staple. More so, she became equally famous with her enigmatic beauty for her unforgettable and unapologetic celebrity coverage of E! Network. Among her best achievements in Hollywood during her prime were as follows: Stand-up comedy gigs, her very awesome reality shows and a lot more. In other words, Joan Rivers did it all for the love and honor of her blissful career. Joan suffered from cardiac arrest during a medical operation at the time of her death. Prior to her untimely demise, she had been hospitalized with a life support system at the Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Hospital. She was undergoing a minor elective procedure when a cardiac and respiratory arrests happened according to the New York Fire Department.

Meanwhile, the outpatient department by the New York State Department of Health is currently investigated according to a spokesperson in the person of James O’Hara. Despite of everything, the beloved family of the late Joan Rivers had sweetly thanked the doctors and nurses who had taken care of her. In an official statement her daughter said.

My son and I would like to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff of Mount Sinai Hospital for the amazing care they provided for my mother. Cooper and I have found our-selves humbled by the outpouring of love, support, and prayers we have received from around the world. They have been heard and appreciated.

Melissa Rivers and her son Cooper where by the actress bedside when she breathe her last and eventually joined our Creator in His loving presence.

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