It seems to be so extraordinary but true. A prisoner in Oklahoma named Joshua Silverman decided to say no to his freedom by reporting own escape by calling 911. He had the chance to flee alongside with two other inmates when these two men stole a van that they were riding ss the vehicle became unattended. But despite that tempting opportunity, he dialled 911 and immediately reported to the authorities about their planned escape. According to reports, Silverman called 911 telling the operator that he is actually a prisoner together with his two other companions who hijacked the van at a hospital.

An honest to goodness prisoner called 911 to prevent his escape along with the other inmates.

An honest to goodness prisoner called 911 to prevent his escape along with the other inmates.

To begin with our amusing story, the guards from a private transport company took a short stop at Weatherford for about an hour West of Oklahoma city to drop in some ill inmates to the hospital. The guards left the eight prisoners including Silverman who were inside the unattended van. Seeing the opportunity of having nobody to attend to them, the two inmates, Lester Burns and Michael Coleman kicked off the van’s partition and transferred on the front seat of the car wherein they found the keys still in the key ignition while the motor was still running so that the prisoners might have an air-condition. The two inmates Burns and Coleman, drove the van about a mile before dumping it and ran on foot according to the police. To provide you with an overview as to how all these things had happened, read on.

Silverman was one of the six inmates who were left behind when the two ran to escape. The six inmates who were left behind were hesitant to escape. Chained up, Silverman managed to get out of the van probably by kicking out the partition and then dialled 911 with a cellular phone by which that police believed that Silverman found inside the van.

The recorded 4-minute audio conversation that the Weatherford police had released, revealed that this prisoner tried his best to explain the van’s location. The 911 dispatcher asked for a specific location and the prisoner volunteered to walk to a road nearby to call the police. Silverman knew that they were in Oklahoma but he did not know their exact location. He just told the dispatcher that they were not on the road. He did not know the location because he was not from the said state. Then the dispatcher asked him where the other prisoners were. The 5 inmates stayed beside Silverman and then told the dispatcher that they were still inside the van. He also explained that the other two prisoners had escaped.

He stayed on the phone until a police officer arrived on the scene. Upon seeing the officers, he told the dispatcher about it and ended the call. Wondering how he got tangled up with the law? Silverman was held in custody for drug related charges and was about to be taken to Wisconsin that day according to Weatherford Assistant Police Chief Louis Flowers. The Wisconsin police records showed that Silverman was convicted of bail jumping, disorderly conduct and drug manufacturing in the past years.

Meanwhile, Assistant Police Chief Louis Flowers said Silverman’s call helped them to locate Burns and Coleman much easier and were taken back to jail later that day. The call helped the police to locate them immediately. Prior to the 911 distress call, they do not know where to locate the two but when Silverman called, they were able to identify their location. By the way, Coleman, one of the two inmates were held for assault and Burns for the non-payment of child support.  All of the inmates in the van came from jails in the western and northern parts of the US. Consequently, they were transferred to other agencies in those parts of the country.

To end, let me ask you this question. If you were in Silverman’s shoes, would you do the same thing?  Would you become an honest to-goodness prisoner? What do you think? The chance of being free is just a step away but will you call 911 to prevent your-self from escaping? What do you think? Good or just like the movie Dumb and Dumber? The judgement is yours to make.

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