The universal dogma and principle of progress and development, lies in the very core of uniqueness and a positive outlook towards an enriching journey in achieving the lasting byproducts of a remarkable artistry, that captivate and unify the fragmented links between history and culture. Specifically, the splendiferous and expressive artistry of Filipino culture has indeed gone a long, long ever since it was colonized 333 years ago by the Spaniards; when this country was first seen by a domineering Portuguese explorer, by the name of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. From then on, the awesome artistry of Filipino culture had taken a new kind of twist and meaning in terms of social character, adaptability and application.


The heroic deeds of Lapu- Lapu has resonated the Filipino culture.

During the Spanish Colonial Period, the artistry of Filipino culture has somewhat gone into oblivion when these conquerors had drastically taken away the burning torches of sovereignty by means of those political and economic reforms that are dubiously beneficial for their own selfish interest. Nevertheless, the amazing and unperturbed artistry of Filipino culture has remained firm and steadfast by engendering a political revolution which was mainly composed of the less-privileged, uneducated and those other people who never bowed down to the Spaniards, even at the last drop of their blood. Again, the selfless artistry of Filipino culture has emphatically stressed that a part of its marvelous national identity is the all out expression of vengeance and anger through the power of a prolific intellect, just like Dr. Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines.

In those times of uncertainty, the undying artistry of Filipino culture was bitterly put to a test. But God paved the way for a shimmering light in order that this helpless country will regain back its lost glory and dignity. The painful and agonizing execution of Rizal in Bagumbayan on December 30, 1898, had miraculously restored an attitude of resiliency and optimism in the hearts of the Malayan Race. Consequently, it had opened new doors for the Filipinos to fight for their unalienable right in the name of genuine freedom and democracy. As expected, they did win the fight against Spain. Gloriously, the aggrandizing benchmark of artistry in the core philosophies of Filipino culture has never been the same again.

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