Witchcraft is a paranormal phenomenon that is being defined in different contexts of knowledge as the alleged use of negative and lethal supernatural powers. It was widely believed that witches are members of the so-called Demonic League of which they are using their esoteric skills to afflict harm on people and property. To provide a much enlightening but easy to grasp overview about this paranormal topic, we have invited a paranormal expert who has been studying and investigating paranormal activities for almost 27 years to help us write the “facts about Witchcraft” in this article.

Diverting from the conventional facts about the treacherous paranormal activity, she aims to impart to all readers the undisclosed but revealing secrets of witches, based from her spiritual journey for a week in 1994. Far and beyond scientific studies and principles, the rituals of witchcraft is like a possession that can be bequeathed from one generation to the next. “How could this be possible?” First of all, those destructive forces of evil have a black or gray stone where their negative powers come from. Others have Latin orations and rituals which are frequently read from right to left. These orations are scribbled on a black booklet, which are kept in utmost secrecy.

Revealing the mystery of Witchcraft

How to know if a person a Witch?

There are those witches who become as such, simply because of ancestral inheritance. Speaking of this manner of transformation, the demonic formula can be transferred from one offspring to another by means of a thirteen-day ritual of offering. This Satanic-inspired activity begins every full month and ends on the 13th day at exactly 12 am. On the next day, the new member of the witch league will undergo an initiation process. Just like any other organization, the neophyte witch must be able to successfully pass the screening test which involves the following:

  • An amateur and would be witch person must acknowledge that Satan is their god.
  • He or she will venerate an inverted cross.
  • The individual who wants to become a witch is set to drink an ounce of fresh blood of any horned creature or animal, while doing this, the neophyte black angel has to light 26 black candles in a closed room or house.
  • Read the black book from right to left.
  • Then, to have those black magical powers effective, He or She has to kill a close relative. This is the ultimate acid test in becoming a witch.

Once this initiation is successfully done, a new witch must fast for another 13 days without food or water. On the 14th day, he or she will have to wear an all black garment to totally accept his or her new self. Aside from this, the bequeathed witchcraft formula must be utilized for two years killing three victims in a row for a period of six months. In the event that an alleged witch will not be able to accomplish anything within the prescribed period, his or her power will be lost. If this happens, then the person has to go back to the basics. Those are the aforementioned five-way test which is chronologically enumerated in the previous sections of this no holds barred paranormal write up.


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