Humanitarian missions take on different trends. When the ALS Bucket Challenge had gone Viral via the perplex mainstreams of social media, everybody across the globe has dared to take the challenge regardless of race, gender and cultural identity. Even famed celebrities in Hollywood and the music industry never hesitated to pour on a bucket of ice cold water on their sexy and gorgeous bodies. But, don’t look now. the latter might become a passe endeavor in the next few weeks. In India, the newest craze which tends to encourage millions to help others through a #Rice Bucket Challenge.

#Rice Bucket Challenge in India goes Viral.

#Rice Bucket Challenge in India goes Viral.

Simply, the rules of this game is too easy to follow. A particular participant has to donate a bucket of rice to a person who badly needs it the most. The remarkable brainchild of India’s Rice Bucket Challenge is a woman who is in her late 30’s. Her name is Manju Latha Kalanidhi, who works for a particular website. Specifically, their portal mainly focuses on rice development. She said that her amazing concept advocates for the same thing without wasting any ounce of water. Currently, the Donate a Bucket of Rice Challenge has already attracted almost 138,000 participants in its first few weeks after it was initially launched. In Nepal, citizens are gearing towards the #Fill the Bucket Challenge with medical and food supplies.

In the final analysis, the #Rice Bucket Challenge in India is more acceptable to those who wanted to challenge all over again. First, it does not involve any amount to be donated. Therefore, it would be much easier for any participant to eagerly do it without reservations. Secondly, it will tremendously decrease global starvation to a significant percentage. Lastly, the #Rice Bucket Challenge does not need somebody to dare others to follow suit because feeding the hungry is a volition that we should not take for granted.

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